The $1500 Wardrobe – Suits and Blazers

The $1500 Wardrobe – Suits and Blazers

Suits and Blazers – The $1500 Wardrobe Part III

Building a wardrobe is almost always a process and not a one weekend affair.  But what if you had to blow up your closet and start from almost scratch?  Sure you’d keep a few things.  Maybe have your tailor make a few tweaks, and keep a favorite pair of beat up boots.  But what about the rest?   Suppose you were also on a strict budget of $1500.

Over five weeks we’ll explore some of the best options for remaking a budget friendly guy’s wardrobe one section at a time.   A lot of these will be basics and necessities (but not underwear or socks).  It probably won’t be easy, some corners will be cut, but the total budget is set at a strict $1500.  Let’s see how far we can stretch it.



The Navy Blazer: GAP Pinstripe – $73.50 w/ code NEW (reg. $98)

Not your Grandpa’s blazer.

The Navy Wool Blazer is the Cadillac of men’s clothing.  Some of the new ones can be awesome, but most are… sorry… crusty.  A cotton blazer with a smooth weave and not an ounce or rumple can be dressed up with a tie, or dressed down with jeans (with a $1500 budget we need it to pull double duty).  Unlike the wool, it’ll be cool in the summer.  GAP’s version with the subtle pinstripe adds just enough depth.  Full review here.  Code NEW gets you 25% off.  Credit to rl in the comments for the code.


The Light Chino Blazer: Black Brown 1826 Sport Coat – $77.99 w/ HOLIDAY ($225)

Denim ready.

Wearing a well fitting but casual cotton sport coat with your jeans will put you well ahead of the untucked button up male masses.  One of the ultra light INC blazers would have taken this spot, but they seem to be all but extinct.  The option from L&T will give you the V shape you deserve after tailoring.  Come Fall, put a black sweater underneath and it’ll be an unusually lighter (rules were meant to be broken) but still grounded sport coat for cool weather.


The Suit: Indochino Ultimate Gray Two Button Suit – $369.00

Around $300 really if you account for free alterations

I know.  Predictable.  And Indochino can be a bit polarizing.  But a medium to light gray two-button will be the most versatile, best looking, can be worn almost-anywhere-at-any-time suit to build around.  And the Indochino Ultimate Gray has a combination of advantages you can’t find anywhere else:

  • The Feel:  The fabric has a weight and feel to it that’s just flat out better than other $200-$400 suits
  • How it moves:  These aren’t stiff like a department store suit.  You wear it.  It doesn’t wear you.
  • The Price:  Right in the sweet spot between dirt cheap and wince worthy
  • The Extras:  A $75 re-tailoring credit, tons of custom options, free shipping, and a guarantee

A Hilfiger Trim Fit might be cheaper but you’ll pay for alterations and it won’t move nearly as well.  Spend the cash on the HUGO Aikonen and you might be too broke to go anywhere nice enough to wear it.  Yes people will disagree with this pick.  But it’s honestly one of the best purchases I’ve ever personally made.

TOTAL COST: $520.49

Upcoming Categories: Pants – 6/1, The Rest – 6/8
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