Pilsner Plumbing and Clint Eastwood Cools Off

A little weekend reading for your pleasure.

DRAFT ON TAPS: This right here is Hall Of Fame level shenanigans.

WAIT, WHAT?! That is going to be one pissed off pussy.

BULLCRAP: Once a racket, always a racket. This has always been an issue that has ripped my shorts.

YOUR EPILOGUE OF THE WEEK: This was a terrific, and tragic, read. While it can’t change the story, this does provide some certainty to what happened.




Thanks to NASA, we can now actually see the parts of the moon that are usually “dark” to us due to rotations and axis stuff and sciency things. Also, you should take a few minutes and bask in the glory of this.

SO THIS IS HAPPENING: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. A billion muggles just squealed with delight.

FASHION 1: The Grey Lady offers up quite a bit to digest about the season at hand.

HATE TO RUIN YOUR FUN: But no, this isn’t possible.

HOWEVER…this is. I would tell you to go for it but that would be unseemly and I’m pretty sure Joe would have a problem with that. Edtior’s Note: Yeah… no. We need all the readers we can get.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST: Clint cools off.


NO RESPECT: No respect at all. Hill-air-ee-us. Then there’s this. OOF.

DAYUM NATURE: You’re amazeballs. Seriously.


WE ARE EATING OURSELVES TO DEATH: Or…maybe not?  This is kind of unexpected but entirely positive.


MMM MMM NO THANKS: How lazy are we anyway and to what degree are we willing to settle? Because, no thank you.

NUNQUAM NON PARATUS:  This all seems pretty reasonable to me. Also, if you have a certain someone in your life that you feel protective of, you might hip them to this too. Or better yet, put together a kit for them. You just might earn some brownie points. Or…another kind altogether. Just sayin’.

WELL THAT EXPLAINS A LOT: And by that I mean this.

NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO HAVE TO GO ON THE RECORD ABOUT: “…there’s no way I bit him on the dick.” Ahem.

GENES: Some of us just didn’t get ’em. And there’s this guy.


Clint Eastwood’s son Scott looks so much like his dad it’s scary. He is featured in the new Town & Country magazine.

YOUR INFOGRAPHIC OF THE DAY: Turns out, these things began long, long, LONG ago. This is something.

THE HORROR! You have been warned. Stock up now so your significant other doesn’t go all crazy on you when supplies run low. Or something.

CRICKEY: Also, blimey.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?: Um, anyone else think this could be problematic?

INCOMING: The printed word edition.

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