The equation for survival, sky sprites & the secret life we all have inside us.

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BANGLADESH: Signs of progress following years of neglect? While some companies have been slower to embrace guarantees of safety in the workplace, others understand the value of sharing with their customers efforts being made to improve the lives of their supplier’s work force. 

McNONSENSE OF THE DAY: I didn’t realize it was possible to give the stink-eye to an article before, then again, consider the source. Also, apparently I’m not the only one. And while we’re on the subject of the Golden Arches, this is rather pathetic.

ONLINE SHENANIGANS: It would seem that some apparel fanboys (and girls) have taken brand management into their own hands. Does any of this sound familiar to you guys?


The Final Moments Of Karl Brant – starring Paul Ruebens. Yes, that Paul Ruebens. Movies for those of us with short attention spans. What’s not to love?

THE NON-SPOKED BOX: I’m really digging Bespoke Post. This is me talking. This is not some sort of advertorial sham. I’m a customer. I like the way they operate. I like their approach to customer service. And I’ve really enjoyed the boxes I’ve received. But I only recently learned that each month, when I receive my notice from them about the box of the month, there’s another box that I didn’t know about. If you mess around on the site, you might stumble upon it. You should stumble. This month’s main selection for me was a killer poker set with a beautiful case of chips and cards. But I don’t need that. What I’ve been looking for though is a great fountain pen. I love a great writing instrument. I write thank you letters and cards. I know, what am I, a luddite? Anyway, this months other Bespoke Post box is called The Hemingway and lo and behold, among other things, it comes with a beautiful Kaweco sport fountain pen. Done and done. Update: They went from “on sale” to “back ordered” almost immediately.



SPEAKING OF OCEAN’S GANG: Looks like they’ve been busy of late.

ONLY ONE HUNDRED SOMETHING DAYS UNTIL THE FAT MAN IN THE RED SUIT ARRIVES: I hope he brings me some of these. Oh please oh please oh please.

MEAN GIRLS: For reals.  Not to open a can of worms here but I can’t imagine how the media would address this issue and how certain demographic groups would respond.

HILARITY: Cue Yakety Sax.



This is something called a sprite. They occur in the upper atmosphere and are something scientists are just now learning more about. This occurred over Taos, NM in 2012. I believe the word I’m looking for is bitchin’. There’s more to the story over here.

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF THE DAY: There have always been pedestrians, at least since we made that evolutionary leap to two legs and all. But cars are a relatively recent introduction to our everyday lives, all things considered. So, this little background on the concept of jaywalking made me stop and think for a moment.

THAT’S JUST GREAT: One more thing to be watching out for. Sigh.

OFFERED WITHOUT COMMENT: For one thing, I’m not trying to start anything. And for another, well, uh…I have been known to rely on these guys from time to time and time again.



I have no idea where I can find a Deathwish Coffee location but I so want to experience that. Just the once. I’m pretty sure that would be enough. (source)

DAYUM NATURE: You’re kind of amazeballs.

IN THE FUTURE…everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes and with this nonsense, it has become apparent that this is too damn long.

THE ONE AND ONLY MATHEMATICAL EQUATION YOU WILL EVER NEED TO KNOW: (bN)(S/N)Z = bSZ. Because your life will depend upon it.


I can’t even wait for this. And in case you’re wondering, the music comes courtesy of these guys. Good stuff.

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