Massimo Dutti: Winter Sale & New Arrival Quick Picks

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Massimo Dutti’s Winter Sale & New Arrivals

Hat tip to Jonny M. for sending in the style tip.

What’s Massimo Dutti?  If Zara is GAP, then Massimo Dutti is Banana Republic.  Extra looks & quality, extra cost, extra syllables.  Owned by the Spanish retailer Inditex, they only have two stores in the United States (Washington D.C. & New York City).  But like Zara, they sell through their website. Seems like some things get lost in translation when it comes to their item descriptions, but they do offer free shipping.  It also looks like returns are free too?

A warning:  They run pretty slim, so like Zara, consider sizing up if you’re going to take a shot.  They’ve got a winter sale going on now and lots of stock is moving fast.  Meanwhile, new arrivals that should bridge the gap between late winter and spring just showed up.  Leave any experience you’ve got with this brand in the comments.

Navy Wool Coat – $165.00 ($368)

A late season outerwear upgrade?

If this ends up being some sort of upgraded alternative to the really well liked UNIQLO single breasted coat from this year, then $165 might be a more than fair price.  100% wool, pick stitching at the lapel… some real potential here.  Fingers crossed.  Sizes are getting a little short with 40, 44, and 46 available at post time.


Chelsea Boots – $118.00 ($228)
Simple Shape = GOOD.

Simple Shape = GOOD.

Shoes from a less than well known brand?  Always going to be a risk.  But at least the price is decent and they ship free.


Checked Wool Blend Blazer – $120.00 ($328)
Maybe the model just has long legs?

Maybe the model just has long legs?

Uh oh… looks like Massimo Dutti might be suffering from chopped jacket tail syndrome, just like Zara?  Some guys will like it, but some guys hate that look.  Looks like this blazer is still pretty short.  Available sizes are on the larger side.  42 and up at post time.  55% wool and 45% poly.


Wool Turtleneck – $29.90 ($89.50)
What, is it beatnik outfit coordination day?

What, is it beatnik wardrobe coordination day?

If you’re going to give wearing a turtleneck a shot, it’s best to make sure it’s fitted.  Not skin tight, but you don’t want some bulky thing (unless you’re fresh off a fishing boat.)  So the trim sizing might work well here.  A decent amount of sizes available depending on your color choice.  98% wool, 2% elastane.


Navy Quilted Jacket – $120.00 ($228)
Lips and what now?

Lips and what now?

The slim quilted jacket thing got big this year.  And for good reason.  They’re incredibly comfortable and when done right, mix the great outdoors with city life pretty well.  Sizes are down to L, XL, and XXL at post time.


Wool/silk pocket square – $14.90 ($35.50)
70% wool

70% wool / 30% Silk

A prime example of the lost-in-translation-ness of the Zara and Massimo Dutti websites.  This is labeled as a “neckerchief”.  Suppose you could call it that.  Or maybe a bandana… tie it around your face and be the best dressed bank robber ever?


Needlecord Blazer – $265.00
Awfully unique.  Could use a sale.

Subtle, unique details.  Could use a sale.

From the new collection and worth keeping an eye on for if/when it goes on sale.  Patch pockets and a besom ticket pocket.  The needlecord fabric is going to have just a bit of texture, and it’s a 60% cotton / 40% wool blend.  Still wondering about the length of the tail though.


Cotton / Ramie Blazer – $198.00
Are the sleeves really going to be that slim?

Are the sleeves really going to be that slim?

Another new blazer worth keeping an eye on for a sale.  Looks like it has a bit of a waffle-like or other geometric texture.  Ramie is a natural fiber, and it’s was part of the super-cheap INC blazer from Macy’s used this summer.  Sleeves on this and all of their blazers look awfully slim don’t they?

Thoughts on Massimo Dutti as a brand?  Have any direct experience with them?  Leave it all below.