The Pocket Square:  Seersucker Pocket Square by The Tie Bar – $8.00
Give em’ just a hint.

And here’s your seersucker.  Careful with this though.  If you’re wearing a striped shirt, it could get real messy, visually, real quick.  Plenty of colors to choose from too.


The Boutonniere:  Something small and simple.
A flower is a reach as it is. Keep it small.

This is really letting the dandy freak flag fly.  99% of us will skip this, and that is 100% okay.  The INC jacket at the top of the page doesn’t have a lapel buttonhole, but if you’re wearing a blazer that does have one, and it’s functional, consider throwing a small, bright white carnation in there.  The state flower of Kentucky is Goldenrod.  Here’s to keeping the pollen off your jacket.  More from Antonio from hereGoldenrod Photo Credit.  Carnation Photo Credit.

Of course, you could always splurge and go full seersucker.  Or, if you picked up the light blue J. Crew Factory Cotton suit when it was $156?  This Saturday is the day to wear it.  Very Top Photo Credit: Boboroshi


  1. The only thing I’ve ever bought at Old Navy that was not horrible quality was a plain tee shirt. I would go with the Alfani shirt instead. And true white pants are impossible to keep spotless; opt for the canvas color.

  2. I recently picked up those Penguin Bluchers & posted about them in forums. I haven’t had the time to take a picture of the shoes out of box but they seem decently well made and should last if  you are wearing it off and on. Not sure they can be your everyday workhorse shoe..  
    I am on the fence about returning them since I picked up a pair of walnut AE Players’ Shoe.. 

  3. I love the seersucker pocket square as a nice touch for a summery outfit in general. Does anyone else have any suggestions for pairings that would complement it well (AKA what color/type of suit would or would not work)?

  4. For the Derby party I am attending on Saturday I am wearing the following:

    “brick” red (flat front tailored pants)
    Navy Blue Dress Shirt (haven’t decided on f-cuffs or button down yet though)
    Brooks Brother Bow tie (style primer – I think they call them (two different patterns)
    Black Driving moc’s

    My date for the party is looking forward to my “look” + aren’t we also celebrating Cinco del Mayo as well so a somberro is good hat to wear as well?

  5. @twitter-6754412:disqus I recently wore a Beige/Khaki cotton-linen blend suit from BR to a wedding with a blue/green/white cotton plaid tie. I thought it worked well 
    And oh man, that blazer looks great, especially at the price. Might have to pick one up.

  6. Do people outside Kentucky really have these horse race parties?

    Anyway, I will be dressed a lot more casually, forgoing mint juleps in favor of CERVEZA!

  7. Okay, so I have my evening wardrobe sorted. Now I’m just awaiting your Cheap FA Cup Final Party Outfit post, as I’m just not quite sure what goes with 12 pints of lager and a room full of crazed Liverpool and Chelsea fans.

  8. Thoughts in what to wear Saturday if one is in the infield? I’d like to dress well, but it is supposed to rain Friday, and I’m not a mudder. Or basically, anything that you wear in might get trashed giant musical festival style.

  9. Absolutely.  You should give it a try.  Just don’t take it too seriously.  Or, seriously at all.  The “big hats” worn by the ladies will almost certainly include a sombrero this year at our place.

  10. I think suede bucks are a better option because they can be had for $50 or less and they fit the them well.

  11. Sombreros and Seersucker party, mi amigo.  No excuses, play like a champion.

  12. Any blue would definitely work suit wise, but I think it’d be great for a charcoal or light gray too.  I wouldn’t try to match the seersucker color of the square to anything in particular.  Personally, I think a nice white shirt and a cotton tie of some sort would pair nicely.

  13. You could get some tips from a recent Mad Men episode in which Lane watches England win the 1966 World Cup final — my favorite part was the giant Union Jack top hat.

  14. This is a link to  the jacket online:

    I looked at them in store about an hour, but the grey was absent there just as it is on the website.  I’m about to start calling around.  I don’t have a jacket that works with jeans so I am desperately trying to hunt this down.  My two suits (grey stripe and solid black) don’t have a jacket that works with denim.

    This grey number can honestly stretch three seasons here.  It’s 90+ degrees in Oklahoma already.

  15. Bass Brockton at with 20% off brings them to $52. They have 15% off right now.

  16. I’m pretty sure that’s not it.  The blazer up top is a notch, not a peak lapel, and there’s no tipping on the lapels either?  That, and the one review on line says that it’s 100% cotton, so the Macy’s site’s lead description is misleading (says linen, but then says cotton.)  

    Can be spotted in the infield on Saturday in the following:

    Merona madras shirt
    Green J. Crew shorts, made from old, too short chinos
    Brown on white Sperrys
    Tortoise shell I Ski Silvermine’s
    Original Croakies
    Light brown leather belt

    And drunk……

  18.  Interesting.  I was in store, and this was the one they showed me, down to the same price, same sku, and same color names.  This one was distinctly not piped/tipped, and was a linen/ramie mix just as yours was.

    Odd that these photos and descriptions did not match what my store has on display.   I will hit up another location on my way home for more research.

  19. Perry Ellis has a nice linen jacket at Macy’s.  Functional buttons on the sleeves as well.  Couldn’t find the exact item on the website so you may have to head in-store to find it.  It was on sale for $120 or so if I recall correctly.  I didn’t pick one up as I was there grabbing a Kenneth Cole seersucker jacket – last 40R in all of Georgia.

  20. From what I’ve seen in previous years infield:

    Low End –  tank tops and cut-off jean shorts.
    High End – powder blue top hat and matching coat (with tails).

    I’ve always stuck to something relaxed (linen pants and button down), but just make sure anything you wear won’t be something you’d hate to trash. With rain, I’m thinking linen might not be my best choice this year.

  21. This is the ONE time spectator shoes are pretty much required. There may not be any affordable options, but they are a must for the derby.

  22.  Forgot to say I can’t believe they were omitted. I think even the name “spectator” has to do with watching horse races.