The Pocket Square:  Seersucker Pocket Square by The Tie Bar – $8.00
Give em’ just a hint.

And here’s your seersucker.  Careful with this though.  If you’re wearing a striped shirt, it could get real messy, visually, real quick.  Plenty of colors to choose from too.


The Boutonniere:  Something small and simple.
A flower is a reach as it is. Keep it small.

This is really letting the dandy freak flag fly.  99% of us will skip this, and that is 100% okay.  The INC jacket at the top of the page doesn’t have a lapel buttonhole, but if you’re wearing a blazer that does have one, and it’s functional, consider throwing a small, bright white carnation in there.  The state flower of Kentucky is Goldenrod.  Here’s to keeping the pollen off your jacket.  More from Antonio from hereGoldenrod Photo Credit.  Carnation Photo Credit.

Of course, you could always splurge and go full seersucker.  Or, if you picked up the light blue J. Crew Factory Cotton suit when it was $156?  This Saturday is the day to wear it.  Very Top Photo Credit: Boboroshi