Classics: Sexy and cute are not one and the same

... when it comes to men's style

Originally Published 7/18/12

Here’s a theory:  In the realm of men’s style, “cute” and “sexy” are rarely if ever pulled off in the same look.  Doesn’t matter who your target demo is.  You can be well dressed, she/he can like the way you’re dressed, and sometimes you look cute to them.  Yet at other times, you’re head-to-toe sex.  But being both at once just doesn’t happen.

The barrier that separates these two is whether you’re dressed in a way in which you should be taken seriously.

Not can… should.  Say you see a guy walking down the street in any of the following:

Would you immediately think that guy is a serious person who can handle himself?  Sure, a legion of women (and men) might think a man wearing any of those items would look cute, but there’s nothing really dangerous about a guy in a purple suit.  He’s not projecting an image that makes you want to take him seriously.

Nothing wrong with having some fun with unusual colors, patterns, and that kind of thing.  Put it all together right and you’ll look damn cute.  Cute’s good.   Plenty of shes and hes like cute.  But there is little intrigue or mystery in cute.  When in doubt, aim for sexy.

Thoughts?  Remember, looking like you should be taken seriously doesn’t mean you can’t be nice, polite, etc…