Dappered Classics: 20 Minor Style Bad Habits

Only on the weekends. Only from the Dappered archives.

Humans are habitual creatures.  How else do you explain graduation caps, America’s rejection of the metric system, and that God-Awful Masters music?  Some habits are worse than others (nose picking, swearing in front of children, that Masters music), and then there are the minor infractions.  All of us do at least one or two of these… if not more.

Originally published 5/31/11   Above Photo Credit – Ollie Crafoord

1. Leaving your blazer or jacket unbuttoned after standing.
2. Wearing jeans all the time.
3. Not always using a shoe horn with your better shoes.
4. Leaving your clothes in the dryer for days.
5. Worse yet, leaving your clothes in the washer for days.

6. Not scheduling your next haircut while paying for your new one. (If they take appointments)
7. Forgetting to check at the back of your jaw line just under your ears for stray hairs post shave.
8. Using just a little too much hair product.
9. Letting your fingernails get too long.
10. Letting your toenails get too long.  Like shoving a mess in a closet, even though you can’t see it, it’s there.

11. Wearing cologne every single day.
12. Allowing the interior of your car to get a few steps past, y’know, kinda messy.
13. Always out-pacing your drinking cohorts.
14. Packing around a thick overstuffed wallet in your back pocket.
15. Even worse, packing around an overstuffed wallet with zero cash in it.

16. Forgetting to tip your tailor.
17. Wearing nothing but black shoes with your grey and navy suits.
18. Wearing the same two or three colors 24/7, 365.
19. Always being the over-dressed guy.
20. Not making a consistent effort to look good for your significant other on your down time.

Agreements, disagreements, and additions all go in the comments section below….