Fall Fashion Essentials from Details Magazine

Fall Fashion Essentials from Details Magazine

2010 Fall Fashion Essentials – From Details Magazine

Seems like you can still smell the 4th of July fireworks in the air and the back to school sales have already launched.  The grown-up version of those annual back-to-school sales is the sudden increase of sweaters, jackets, and all manners of autumn clothing that’s starting to show up in stores.

Details magazine has released their list of what they believe to be Fall Fashion “essentials” for this year, and a lot of it is pretty high-fashion.  So much so that a lot of these shots look pretty ridiculous.  Click on over to their slide show, then come on back for reaction, yays and nays, and toned-down, back-to-reality affordable alternatives.

Click for the Details list of 2010 Fall Fashion Essentials

Click for the Details list of 2010 Fall Fashion Essentials

The Dappered Take Plus Affordable Alternatives

1. THE MARLED SWEATER: No – Marled is like a beefier version of a heather pattern, with larger more noticeable flecks of white and gray layered in.  And it’s a little loud.  If you want casual warmth, go with a high neck button collar like this one from ASOS.  It has a clean shape and color, and is plenty thick.  Also available in blue for $30.32.

Suit by Express  Boots by ASOS

Tonal Suit by Express. Boots by ASOS

2. THE SHEARLING JACKET: No – Too Memphis Belle-y.

3. THE TONAL SUIT: Yes – But not that one.  As Details said:  “A dark two-button with an almost imperceptible pattern can offer tasteful flair without going over the top.”  That’s over the top.  This hounds-tooth from Express isn’t.

4. THE CAMEL COAT: Nah – Take one look at this picture and try and tell me that the jet black tailored pea coat isn’t superior.  If you want a warmer color, this trench from Banana Republic will do the job.

5. THE OVER-SIZED DUFFEL – Not Applicable – Why should the season have any bearing on the size of your luggage?

6. THE WORK BOOT: Yes – Always nice to have a pair on hand.  These from ASOS have both a great shape and dead on details, plus they’ll only set you back $55.59

7. THE FITTED CARGO:  Nope – Not a good idea.  At all.

8. THE PLAID DRESS SHIRT:  No – Draw the line at Gingham.

9. THE CASHMERE TIE:  No – What a waste of money.  I can’t get on board with cashmere.  Women like it because it’s soft against their skin.  It’s ridiculously expensive, and it doesn’t look or work any better than merino wool.  So what’s the point of a cashmere tie?  Are you going to sit there on a park bench and pet your face with it?  Weird.  Just stick with a plain old wool tie if you’re looking to infuse some non-silk fabrics into your neck wear.

Agree?  Disagree?  Have you ever found yourself sitting on a park bench petting your face with your tie?