Deal Alert: A Summer-Ready Ludlow Suit, now $264

It's a basic, at a plenty reasonable price.

J. Crew Linen/Cotton Jacket & Classic or Slim Pant – $263.98 FINAL w/ SHOPMORE

Originally $546, now on sale, and the extra 40% off code shopmore drops it to the mid $200s.

All this talk about dark colored summer suits has left the old standby, a summer suit in a khaki-like-shade… out in the cold. And only if there was cold to leave it out in right now. The serious summer heat is starting to hit most of the Northern hemisphere, making more than a few of us look longingly forward to late September and early October. But we’ve got a ways to go until football, coats, and layers.

This & the coordinating pant seems to have just showed up in the sale section in the last day or two, and they might be a lifesaver for those with a wedding on the horizon, or, for anyone else in the market for a summer suit…

summer ludlow solid sale

Is this all final sale? Is it not final sale? It is, in fact, now all Final Sale.

Made from Italian Linen-cotton in a basic, traditional summer-appropriate shade. Non functioning sleeve-buttons as always make for easy tailoring. Yeah, it’s gonna wrinkle, but that’s expected for a suit of this color and fabric texture.

Good news for the big-legged fellas is that they’ve got the pants available in their roomier, non thigh-strangling “classic” fit. The BAD news… is that unlike the slim option (or the jacket), the classic-fit pants are final sale. It does appear that you might be able to return the slim fit pants, as well as the jacket, but you can’t return the classic fit pant.

UPDATE: This is a tough one. They’ve run codes in the past that the graphics say the code only works on “final sale items” but then they’ll work on regular, returnable sale items. The jacket & slim pant aren’t clearly marked as final sale, yet the classic is. 


As of late PM on 7/7 or early AM on 7/8, the Jacket & Slim Pant are now carrying the clear Final Sale label on their product pages.

It is fully lined, but at least the lining is Bemberg, which does breath a little bit (past/current summer experiences with their Irish linen-suits, also fully lined, have been really positive). Sale ends tomorrow, 7/8.

Thoughts from you guys? Is a warmer, khaki-like tone such as this, a staple? Or do you prefer cooler-shades like grey or traditional seersucker for your summer suits? Leave it all below.

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