Amazon’s 20% off $100+ Select Shoes/Watches/Clothes sale

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SUMERSAV = 20% off $100+ Select Watches, Shoes, & Clothes

NOTE: Don’t let your brain trick you. There’s just one “M” in their “sumer” and no “e” in “sav”

Despite being this close to preemptively dropping whatever Amazon-purchased product you regularly chew through from a drone hovering above your place at the precise moment you run out of said product… (deep breath post run-on sentence…)

Amazon still ain’t a destination for most, for clothes.

Shoes? Sure. Watches? Yeah, them too. But clothing that might get your heart racin’? Probably not going to be your first, second, or third stop.

But they’re still trying when it comes to doing promos and deals. And those promos and deals work on a pretty large selection of shoes & watches (along with clothing). It’s a big haystack, but there are some needles. Here they be. You’ll need the code SUMERSAV to knock the extra 20% off…


Bruno Magli Maioco Oxford – $223.99 ($425)

Magli Cap Toes on

Wow. Looks like Amazon saw Nordstrom’s  Anniversary sale discount, then raised the stakes. A basic cap toe oxford, but they’re sleek, soft, and oddly durable for being lightweight. Looks like it’s just the browns (not black) that are sold by Amazon, which is key because 3rd party retailers won’t get you the 20% off discount.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, these (the sold by Amazon stock) are moving pretty quick. 


Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium Chronograph – $224 ($400)

Citizen Titanium Chrono on

Usually sitting around the mid $200s, this might be Citizen’s mid-level casual flagship. 43mm in diameter, a generous 200 m water resistance, and the perpetual calendar + 2nd time zone function are nice tricks. It’s a complicated bugger, but very nice. See the full review over here.


Magnanni “Loja” Single Monk Strap – $207.92 ($395)

Magnanni Single Monks on

Another shoe that’s on sale over at Nordstrom, but on Amazon it’s an extra 20% off. ($259 vs. $207). Made in Spain. A slim, but more rounded toe than many of Magnanni’s other, chiseled options.


Kenneth Cole New York “Iconic” Chrono + Sock Trio = $89.52

Kenneth Cole Iconic Chrono on

See, here’s the deal. Amazon has the KC Chrono sitting at $99. And the code only works on purchases of select items $100+. Sneaky Amazon. Real sneaky. One of the cheapest filler options is this trio of socks. So, you gotta jump through a hoop, but you get socks in return? The watch itself isn’t bad for $90, and it’s probably the best looking thing Kenneth Cole makes. Decent weight to it too. 42mm across and wears every mm of it. Japanese quartz movement and mineral crystal.


J. Abboud USA Made 52% Silk /48% Wool Plaid Sport Coat – $191.19 ($238.99)

Abboud blazer on

This could either be awesome, or, a disaster. It’s fully lined, so it’s not going to be as breezy as their barely-there blazers, but at least it’s lined in Bemberg. Side vents in the rear.


Danner Mountain Light Overton – $242.48 ($303)

Danner Boots on

Made in the USA, recraftable, and as good looking as they are functional. Yeah, they’re a hiking boot, so you’re not gonna wear them with jeans and a blazer, but if you’re the type that likes to get out and up and down some hills, then meet pals for a beer or two afterward, these might be a fine choice.


Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Canvas Band – $111.36 ($225)

Citzen Canvas Band on

Usually in the mid to low $100s, not the retail of $225, but $111 is more than fair. Powered by light, chronograph, plenty of looks (if you like the busy-watch-face thing) and water resistant to 100m. 41 mm in diameter. Gonna look good with those ^ Danners .


Citizen Eco-Drive Canvas Strap – $81.20 ($145)

Citizen Kid Brother on

Baby brother! Also solar powered. Just 37mm in diameter here, so don’t expect anything massive. Also 100m water resistant. Leather lined green canvas strap. (photo credit)


Levi’s 514 Slim-Straight Cords – $31.99 (but only if you break the $100 threshold)

Levis 514 Cords on

See here’s the thing with the clothing side of this sale… it’s not going to be easy to break the $100 threshold required to get the 20% off. So, you could buy three pairs of 514 cords, or, if you’re getting something else (like a pair of shoes, or considering a watch) then maybe you can lump a pair of these on top. But that’s sorta a reach for most of us. Again, Amazon’s clothing game isn’t as dialed in as many of us would like.


Citizen AW1361-01E Sport – $111.80 ($185)

Citizen Flyer on

Not everyone’s style, but the sportiness + eco-drive are going to appeal to some. There’s some aviation influence going on here. Nice contrast stitching on the band, and good to see they didn’t punt on the crown. 100m water resistance too. One of their newer models.


Magnanni Miro Double Monk – $173.52 ($216.90)

Magnanni Double Monks on

Are Magnannis “worth” their retail price of $300+? Most would probably favor a pair of AEs at that price (or, favor a pair of AEs in the mid $200s on sale range). But $175 is a real solid deal. Very showy here. Elongated toe. Double monk. Not shy. Made in Spain.


Laco Type A Pilot Automatic – $321.60 ($402)

Laco Type A on

A well respected German brand that uses Japanese automatics in their more affordable line (yes, this is “more affordable” to them) and Swiss movements in their upper end. Classic minimalist flieger, complete with the rivets on the strap. Sapphire crystal on this one.


Laco Type B Pilot Automatic – $321.60 ($402)

Laco Type B on

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the more complicated looking version. Note that while these are 42mm in diameter, they wear a bit larger. The cases in particular are pretty thick.


Calvin Klein Slim fit “Malik” suit in Blue or Navy – $239.99 ($299)

CK Blue Suits on

Not a bad price for a slim fitting all wool fused suit. Not everyone is in love with the JCF Thompson silhouette, and CKs tend to be a little more traditional in lapel width and jacket length (while still being slimmer fitting). A CK suit did crack the navy suit top 10, but just barely. At least there’s free returns.


Timex Men’s T2N700 Intelligent Quartz Chrono – $96.93 ($175)

Time Flyback on

That’s about as low as this well-liked black & tan chrono is gonna dip to. On sale for $120, and the extra 20% off gets it under a hundred bucks. Ion plated 43mm case. And unlike many cheaper Timex’s, this one’s got a good weight & feel to it. Not flimsy in the least.


Citizen Black Chrono – $154 ($275) | Perpetual Calendar Chrono – $216 ($375)

Citizen Chrono Duo on

Beefcake. BEEFCAAAAAKE! Not small or subtle. Either of em’. 43mm in diameter for each, with the brown leather/silver dial option coming with a perpetual calendar (set it, then no skipping ahead at the end of non 31 day months… leap years are accounted for too).


Citizen Eco-Drive Dress Watch – $126.00 ($225)

Citizen Dress Watch on

Slim and simple. Will look more than fine with a blazer and slacks. Another member of their expansive eco-drive collection.


Orient Mako XL in Blue – $152.00 ($290)

Orient Make XL on

200m water resistance, a 45 mm case (that actually wears a bit smaller), and a dial that’s more Ray than Mako. Full review of the black dial version can be found here.


Majestic International Rive Gauche Smoking Jacket – $260 ($325)



The Extra 20% off select Shoes/Watches/Clothing purchases of $100+ code SUMERSAV (remember, that’s one “M” in “sumer” and no “e” in “sav”) expires on 8/1/14.