The After Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale – Additional Reductions

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Nordstrom’s Quiet After Half-Yearly Sale for Men

It’s over! It’s all over! It’s only just begun!

Wait, what?

Well, kinda. The Norstrom half-yearly sale expired on Sunday, but that’s precisely when Nordstrom quietly marks down what’s left over even further. Sure, sizes can be scarce, but what was 30% off often gets a cut to 50% off. And being that Nordstrom carries some awfully good brands (both in-house, and out), that means you can get a real steal now that the checkered flag has waved. And as always, these things ship and return free, even though they’re now marked down to “we don’t want to see this again” prices. Strike-through prices below reflect what the item was going for during the half-yearly sale, if that price has since changed.


Dockers Trim Fit Seersucker Gingham Blazer – $72.49 ($97.15, $145)

Dockers Gingham Sportcoat on

Was almost a hundred bucks, now under $75. Partially lined. That’s key. Non functioning buttons as well. Potential here for a warm weather, super casual beater sportcoat? Paired with off-white 5 pockets?


1901 ‘Carson’ Derby – $49.96 ($66.96, $99.95)

1901 Carson Derby on

Quite possibly the best summer shoe $50 can buy. Really, really appears to be not only the B.R. Owen, but also the DSW/Aston Grey “Dien”. And that’s great if they are… since the construction, feel of the suede or nubuck, and not overly thick sole makes for a awfully nice summer buck. Of course they’re glued instead of stitched, but they feel great, look great, and hold up well. Available in three different colors. Made in Brazil.


Bonobos Straight Leg Washed Chinos – $43.98 ( $58.96, $88)

Bonobos Washed Chinos on

About as cheap as you’ll find the Bonobos flagship pant. Lightweight cotton in their signature fit. Available in 8 different shades, but sizes are extremely scattered, so know that going in.


Bonobos SLIM washed chinos – $43.98 ($88)

Bonobos Slim Washed Chinos on

Seems like these recently got dumped into the sale section… at half off. More sizes to pick from than the straight fits (although these are going pretty quick too).


Allen Edmonds Ft. Collins Derby in Bourbon – $162.49 ($217.75 $325)

AE Ft. Collins on

Hell of a deal if you’re in the market for a derby in bourbon. Looks like this one is built on the 333 last (has a bit of a chisel toe to it). Appears to be like a cross between the Kenilworth and the Hanover wholecut. Three pairs of eyelets, open derby-style lacing., and should do great with dark wash denim and a cotton sportcoat. Sizes are going pretty quick.


Wallin & Bros Trim Fit Blazer – $147.49($197.65, $295)

Wallin & Bros Blazer on

Via Reader Andrew, who’s 5’9″ 180lbs, a 38r in Suitsupply’s Napoli,and bought this Wallin & Bros blazer in 40R: “Jacket tail is shorter in length but that’s the modern look that it’s going for. Has a nice taper to it and I don’t think it needs to be taken in at sides at all. As it says in the description, it’s unlined which is a nice feature. Wool is a little scratchy. Comes with a lapel pin that’s easy to remove. It got a big thumbs up from my fiancé so it has that going for it! The taper off the rack is the real selling point on this one.”


Di Milano Uomo Flat Front Wool Trousers – $49.94 ($155)

Di Milano Uomo Wool Trousers on

The good news? They’re all wool, and now 65% off. Bad news is that waist sizes start at 33. Sorry to all the slimmer fellas. Mid rise. Unhemmed, so, know that going in they’ll need to be sewn up by a tailor.


TBNY Double Monk or Wingtip Oxford – $162.49 ($199.90, $325)

TBNY Shoes on

Now half off. Sure, not quite as beefy as Allen Edmonds in terms of construction, but To Boot New York delivers on the sleekness. And that price is super friendly. Made in Italy. Double Monks also come in black.


Cole Haan Grant MTO Drivers – $87.98($109.90, $176)

CH Grant MTO Drivers on

Three shades to pick from (including the “gull grey” pictured at top), boat shoe style lacing, and a nubby sole & heel. Now marked down further, to under $90.


Nordstrom Smartcare Wrinkle Free Trim Fit Dress Shirt – $32.49($42.90 $65)

Nordstrom Smartcare Differences on

HANG ON HERE… Huge thanks to Eric M. for passing along the above pic, and pointing out that this season’s trim-fit Nordstrom Smartcare shirts are not the same as last. According to Eric, this year’s shirts have shorter collar points(by about .5″ per point) and the new material is noticeably scratchier. Dang. Those are two of the main reasons why Nordstrom’s baseline trim fit dress shirts were so good (decent sized collars and smoothness of fabric, despite being easy-care). Not sure if this applies to all their shirting, or just the solids with the black label that are made in Hong Kong.


Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Check Dress Shirt – $32.49 ($42.90 $65)

Smart Care Check Shirts on

For example… these… will they suffer from the same drawbacks as the solid mentioned above? These say “made in China” instead of the more specific “Hong Kong”… and they seem to carry the old labels. Well, at least they ship and return free.


Michael Kors Stretch Wool Trim Fit Suit – $247.49 ($495)

mkors stretch wool suit on

“Elastic-infused wool” and cut in a trim fit. Kors stuff usually walks the middle ground between traditional fits and super-slim fits, plus their tails don’t end up chopped. Wish they had more colors than just “taupe” though.


Allen Edmonds “Player” Lace-Up – $214.90 ($335)

AE Players on

No additional discount as of post time, but still a fair price for a pair of AE wingers. Available in Walnut, and should go very well with summer pants, a light cotton blazer, and open collar shirt for not-too-dressed-up outdoor weddings.


Dockers Alpha Khaki in “Fog wash” – $39.98 ($68)

Dockers Alpha Fog Wash on

Fogwash = a softer hand to the fabric. But is it softer, like, moleskin and thus more appropriate for cooler weather? Can’t say that’s likely, with the super summery colors. Might be a nice way to mix it up if you’re a guy who can fit in the slim legs of alphas.


Cole Haan Air Madison Single Monk – $129.97 ($245)

CH Madison Monk on

Single monk. Good color for summer, and should go great with jeans when it cools off.


Barbour Ouston Weatherproof Waxed Slim Fit Jacket – $174.49 ($349)

barbour jacket on

Far from inexpensive, even when half off, but hardly anything (if anything) from this heritage brand ends up in the “cheap” category. Black waxed cotton. Straightforward.


1901 Triple Check Trim Fit Dress Shirt – $24.75 ($32.90 $49.50)

1901 Triple Check Dress Shirt on

Excellent price for an in-house, trim fit Nordstrom brand. and the two color + white check look offers some busyness without going over the top. Especially liking the patriotic “red grenadine” (right).


Wallin & Bros. ‘Justin’ Double Monk – $74.98 ($100.49 $150)

Wallin & Bros Monk on

Sizes are just about gone. Made in Italy. Construction feels very solid. A little darker in person than on the Nordstrom website. These’d be one way to bring black into your wardrobe up top (sweater, cord blazer, etc…), without resorting to black shoes (since these lean grey).


Bonobos Standard Fit Blazer in Chino – $98.98 ($132.66 $198)

bonobos blazer on

Unstructured, casual, and now half off. Standard fit isn’t their slim fit… but a drawback to their slim fit is the even shorter tail. So the Standard is probably the better option for most (unless you’re super slim, and vertically challenged). All sizes left in the standard navy.


1901 ‘Lynden’ Double Monks – $49.96 ($66.96 $99.95)

1901 Lynden Double Monks on

Now under $50. The “Rust” pair was just so so for the in-person, but it seems like a bunch of you guys liked these things and said so in the comments. Try the “sand” shade instead.


Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Mini Check Dress Shirt $45.98 ($59.90, $92)

BB Slim Fit Dress Shirt on

Sizes are getting very limited on these. Plenty of shades to choose from, just gotta cross your fingers for your size.


1909 Brock Wingtip for Men – $49.96 ($99.95)

1901 white winger on

The derby is long gone, but there’s plenty of heat and seersucker-suit appropriate weather left in the forecast. The kind of shoe you wear a handful of times a year, so spending around $50 seems just fine.


Wallin & Bros Khakit Seersucker Partially-Lined Sportcoat – $147.49 ($295)

Wallin & Bros Seersucker on

Earthtone seersucker? Anybody up for it? Might be a little tough to pair up pants with, but at least it’s only partially lined. Trim fit off the rack with good contour through the sides.


The New (& not on Sale) John W. Nordstrom Sterza or Fabriano – $195

JWN new dress shoes on

Hold the flippin’ frickin’ phone. Much potential here. They’re not cheap, at $195, but they’re made in Italy and JWN’s shoes usually hold up well. Are they stitched? Eh…. probably not. But if they drop in price during the upcoming Anniversary Sale in July? Might have to pounce.

NOTE: If you did buy something during the half-yearly, and there’s been an additional markdown since, try giving Nordstrom customer service a call. Seems like they might give you a price correction on your credit card? The prices on these items don’t seem to have an expiration date, but do know that the once-a-year fall-preview “anniversary sale” is coming up next month.