Most Wanted Affordable Style – June 2014

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Consider these to be power rankings.  Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month.  The potential best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below.  Top Photo Credit: andrew_j_w


5. Jack Spade Wesson Leather Davis Brief – $149.00 FINAL ($425)

Jack Spade Wesson Briefcase on

Professional, but not a hard sided 80’s attache. Also has a bit of a crosshatch texture to the leather (see insert). Dimensions are 11.8″H X 16.1″W X 2.8″D. Black & white stripped lining. Free shipping, but no returns on this one. Final sale so once you buy it, it’s yours. 


4. That Target starts to make Oxford Cloth PANTS (the shorts are awesome)

Dreaming of Target Oxford Cloth Pants on

They’ve got the shorts already, now if they could only just make some pants, and we’d all have a much more affordable alternative to the Bonobos Oxleys (or other pricier oxford pants). Anyone got a lead on oxford cloth pants that run, y’know, less than $50 or $40 a pop, in a variety of colors?? If Merona/Target extends their shorts to pant-form… some of us would get a pair in every color. Meanwhile, the Merona shorts are on sale for 40% off, down to $14.99, as part of a Father’s Day promotion. (Please, hold your applause for the fantastic rendering of what a pair of Merona Oxford Cloth Pants COULD look like)


3. Seersucker Buttondowns $44.50 (JCF) – $75 (J. Crew)

Seersucker Button-Downs on

The bright white shirt isn’t going anywhere, but in summer, a standard dress shirt can feel a little… stiff? Seersucker can be a great, casual alternative. The puckering of the fabric creates channels for air to flow through, so it should keep you cooler. Standard fit from J. Crew factory for a reasonable price. Would love it if they made an all-white version, but, for that, it looks like waiting on a sale at J. Crew for their slim fit might be the best choice.


2. Orient “Sun & Moon” Automatic – $252 w/ dappered30 ($360)

Orient Sun & Moon Automatic on

Not a true moon phase but instead a sun/moon cutout that acts as an AM/PM indicator. Necessary? Not really. But if you’ve got a good sized watch collection, and some of your automatics stop from time to time, knowing if the watch “thinks” it’s AM or PM can help out a bit when you get it up and going to set the time again. Champagne dial with blue hands, or a black dial with silver hands. Stainless band is the only option for the black dial. Would love to have seen that one come with a leather band too, but, that’s an easy fix/adjustment. Another one of those “looks vintage but it’s not” watches.


1. Jack Erwin “Abe” in Suede – $195

Jack Erwin Abe on

The opposite of clunky, stumpy penny loafers that older men seem to favor, yet not pointy or elf-like. The “Abe” from Jack Erwin nails the summer dressed-up loafer on all fronts. A slim sole, longer vamp (the top part from toe to opening) and a stitch that sweeps down gradually and helps to elongate the front visually… instead of hitting the toe and making a hard left. Blake construction. Made in Portugal. Don em’ with a linen suit for your next swanky summer soiree, or, with jeans and a cotton blazer on a cooler night out.


BONUS: One of the new Made in the USA Abboud for M.W. suits – $495

Men's Wearhouse Abboud suits on

The online images don’t look all that fantastic (shoulders look a little hard?), and the fits seem a little confusing (there’s three: “Modern” “Slim” and “Extreme Slim”) but these things are made in the USA, reportedly have a half-canvas construction, and use Italian fabrics. Still splurge-level, but might be an actual challenger to Suitsupply? Got one on the way for an in person.

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