How to wear it: The B.R. Lightweight Double Breasted Blazer

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Banana Republic Modern Slim DB Cotton/Linen Blazer – $198

This is destined for the  sale section. Why? Most of B.R.’s clientele (and plenty of us here on this website) won’t give this thing a chance. AND THAT’S TOTALLY FINE. It’s a bit of a reach. But here’s why this thing is anything but a stuffy, dusty, Thurston Howell III type of double breasted blazer:

  • Instead of the usual six button front, this one goes for a modern four button.
  • The buttons are a deep dark brown, instead of brass.
  • The fabric is a casual cotton/linen/viscose blend.
  • It’s also made in their slimmest, “Modern slim” cut, and it’s incredibly lightweight. Little structure. Unlined back, hardly any shoulder padding.

This thing can do what a velvet (especially shawl collar) blazer can do in the cold months. It’s a bit of a statement. Keep the rest of your outfit reigned in, and you’ll walk the line. It also helps to be a little ugly, or a little rough around the edges. If you’re part of team clean-cut, maybe skip it. You want to look less like a goody-two-shoes, and more like someone who knows how to make his date a nightcap. And later on, breakfast.


With other summer fabrics + textures

BR Double Breasted Blazer with summer fabrics on

Bravo to Banana Republic for making a blazer with little structure and little lining. Unlined in the back, then an acetate/rayon blend is up front (you barely notice it). It’s mainly cotton with a bit of linen in the blend, so you could wear it in the cooler months, but it works best now. Oxford cloth pants, Suede shoes, and a checked shirt team up nicely with this thing for an outdoor house party or late afternoon drinks on a patio somewhere. Yes, the shirt is a black/white check… and shoes are brown. But the shoes are suede and that makes it easier to fudge on matching black/browns.


With jeans and a bright white shirt

BR Double Breasted Blazer with Jeans on

Another blazer that’ll help facilitate “getting the blues.” Hosting a cocktail, dinner, or co-ed poker party and it’s going to cool off at night? Might as well dust off the dark denim. The grey chambray pocket square breaks up the wall of blue on your torso, while the sand-colored suede shoes nod at the season we’re in. And speaking of those shoes, here’s more outfit options for those in particular.


Wrinkled, untucked, & dressed down

BR Double Breasted Blazer going casual on

Pretty much pajama-level of comfort here. The shoes are basically slippers, the all linen pants are just fine if they wrinkle, and the polo most certainly will look plenty good untucked. Pass the bacon.

Currently, this Banana Republic Double Breasted Blazer is sitting at $198, and blazers are almost always excluded from codes. Know that while listed as navy, it’s only a dark navy under normal indoor light. It leans more true-blue than black. Also know that like almost all BR blazers, this one DOES have functioning sleeve buttons. Is the DB too dandy for you? Totally understood. Here’s more than a few good, warm weather appropriate, single-breasted options.