Most Wanted Affordable Style – May 2014

A completely subjective top 5 most wanted pieces available now.

Consider these to be power rankings.  Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month.  The potential best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below.  Top Photo Credit: andrew_j_w


5. H&M Half Lined Cotton Blazer – $44.96 w/ 1418 ($59.95)

H&M Half Lined Blue Cotton Blazer - part of this month's Most Wanted Affordable Style on

Hey now. We might have something here. H&M blazers are usually fully lined in poly, but this one is only half lined. And the lining might… MIGHT be lined in cotton? If you zoom in it appears to have some of the oxford-like weave of the shell. Strange that they didn’t mention the navy elbow patches in the text descriptiong, but they sure appear to be there. Might be a nice unexpected aesthetic on a summer blazer. Got one on the way for an in person. Hat tip to Derrick for sending in the style tip on the code.


4. For the patio: The Brokers/Q Gin & Tonic, or, Campari & Soda

Summer Patio Sippers - part of this month's Most Wanted Affordable Style on

Welcome to prime patio sippin’ season. The sun lingers above the horizon late enough,yet the temperatures haven’t reached their mid-summer swelter. Those are perfect conditions for easing into twilight, outside, with a refreshing drink in your hand. Q-Tonic forgoes the syrupy sweetness of most other tonic waters, and instead cuts the sugar way down. There’s 60% fewer calories, but no artificial sweeteners. Combine it with what’s probably the best value in gin on the market (citrus forward with a juniper nose and a warm but not angry cinnamon finish) and you’ve got a top of the line Gin & Tonic. For those looking to take it slower while putting less alcohol in their system, try Campari and soda. It’s bitter, it’s crisp, and you won’t want to guzzle it (hell, for those new to Campari, you probably won’t even want to drink it).


3. Merona Club Shorts in Navy Seersucker or Oxford Cloth – $24.99

Merona Shorts - part of this month's Most Wanted Affordable Style on

Yes, these just showed up in the Best Bets for $75 or less, but now they’ve got a navy seersucker option. There are more than a few pairs of shorts in the personal collection, but these oxford cloth options are the only ones that ever get worn. Hand to Zeus, if Target ever makes these oxford cloth options… in pants? I’ll make it friggin’ RAIN at the Bullseye for a pair in every shade.


2. J. Crew Glen Plaid Italian Linen Half Lined Sportcoat – $388 (waiting for a sale)

J.Crew Italian Linen Blazer - part of this month's Most Wanted Affordable Style on

That’s a ton of money. But last week it was on sale for $271.60. Still a ton of money. Damn. Half lined, made in Italian Linen, a dark shade & pattern that’ll help hide some of the inevitable wrinkles… Hm. If it hits the sale section & a 30% off sale items code comes along… and it dips to close to $200…


1. Aston Grey Suede Single Monk – $84.95 w/ HEATUP

DSW Aston Grey Monks - part of this month's Most Wanted Affordable Style on

Paging divy-d. Aston Grey seems to be one step down from Mercanti Fiorentini in terms of quality for a DSW house brand, but these feel slim, sleek, and solid. Medium nap suede, a nice ready-for-summer earth tone, and a slightly elongated toe dress em’ up a bit more than the Zara single monks from last year. Good with summer suits to jeans to lighter shade cotton sportcoats. Code is good through today for $5 off one pair of shoes. Don’t forget to use SHIPR for free shipping (know that you have to have registered an email address with them to use those codes).


BONUS: For Suitsupply to restock/come out with new $399 options

bring back de 399 please suitsupply pretty please

And then there were two. Just two options left at the $399, still-half-canvassed price point. A medium to light grey herringbone, and a darker grey with a bolder pinstripe. That’s… it. There were 9 options when they came out, but they moved fast. No clue if they’ll restock the $399 options. It’d be awfully nice if they did… and maybe include a light grey linen/wool for summer? Eh? EHH? Know what I mean nudge nudge?

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