12 Days of Dappered #5 – Upgraded Grooming Tools

We CAN do better. We WILL do better!

It’ll be here before you know it. Our annual 12 days of Dappered gift guide covers one item/idea each week-day for the next dozen days. All will be reasonably affordable, and at the same time they should (hopefully) appeal to someone who might drop on by this corner of the internet. So if you’re looking for ideas on what to give a decently dressed (yet budget conscious) fellow, or, if you’ve got friends/family struggling for ideas on what to get someone (you) who’s hard to buy for, check back in as this year’s 12 Days churns on. You’ll also find the growing archive here.


The Comb: Kent Handmade 175 mm comb – $8.51 | Kent Folding Comb – $15.00

Kent Combs on Dappered.com

Had a roomate in college who once went two semesters without ever changing his sheets. Not even once. At the end of the year when we were packing up to head home, he finally stripped off his top sheet and… the collection of hair and dead skin cells at the foot of his bed was puke-worthy. Most of us are operating with a comb that’s been cleaned or changed as often as those sheets… A cheap, dime-store piece of junk that certainly gets the job done (ahem, top of the post), but… c’mon. Somewhere The Fonz weeps every time one of us uses one of those things. Time for an upgrade for you, or, the guy with a lush head of hair in your life. The folding comb is great for traveling, since the teeth are secured away from the rest of the stuff in your dopp kit.


The Razor…handle: Mach 3 Jack Daniels Cask Wood Razor Handle – $39.99

Mach 3 Handle on Dappered.com

So you’re not into the wet shaving thing. Plenty of us aren’t. But we still either A. Shave every day, or B. Keep a Mach 3 or something like it on hand to clean up our neck area from time to time. This combines the looks of something more traditional, with the cartridge razors many of us are used to. The option seen here is from Etsy, but you can get something more commercially available in Ox Horn or a simple metal.


The Bar of Soap: Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap – $15.00

Kiehl's scrub soap on Dappered.com

Yep. Fifteen bucks for a bar of soap. And yes this counts as a tool. For the bar-soap kinda guy, this is a good “extra” bar to have on hand. For those days when you get doing whatever it is you do, and you feel like you need to be power washed instead of standing in the shower for 15 minutes. Oat bran, oat kernel, and pumice scrubs away and rinses clear off. The kind of soap you can feel working. Smells great. More overe here at Electrogent. Hat tip to them for the photo.


The Bearded Man’s Gift set: Wild Man Beard Wash, Conditioner, & Cream – $37.95

Wild Man Beard Set on Dappered.com

For the dude who’s channeling his inner Reverend Willy G, and is still very much a Sharp Dressed Man. Beards need care too. Handmade in Oregon.


The… maybe he needs a hint: Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer – $10.61

Oh THATS where it goes

Tread carefully here. This is like giving a woman a thighmaster. Okay, not that bad, but still. Noses are supposed to have hair. It’s a filtration system. But hair you can braid? Not a good look. And don’t pluck em’ out with tweezers. You risk infection. Sadly, there’s just not a nose hair trimmer with an ox-horn handle w/Horween leather accents on the market…