Win it: The New, Vintage Look Orient Bambino

40% off through today, or 100% off if you win.

Orient Bambino FER2400BW0 – $156.00 w/ EARLYBLACKFRIDAY ($260)

Code is good for 40% off and free ground shipping through today, Monday 11/25/13.

Like an inheritance piece without the unfortunate demise of a relative. There are plenty of instances in the men’s style retail world where a brand has something terrific, they try and tweak it, and it ends up a mess. This is the exact opposite of that all too-often “it wasn’t broke but we fixed it anyway” scenario.

The original Bambino is still in production, and it hits all the right marks for a minimalist timepiece. A clean dial, sharp looks, and a domed crystal that gives it a bit of a vintage feel while still remaining modern. The new Bambino styling turns the clock back by a century, while almost certainly pushing their sales ahead even further. They took something that was great, and made it better in the eyes of plenty, all without abandoning the previous design in the process.

That appears to be a win-win-win. Win³.

Orient Bambino Vintage Close

The logo, date placement, case, crystal, & movement are all the same. Just some of the window dressing has been changed. 40.5 mm case diameter that wears a bit smaller. More intricate looking minute markers + arabic numeral indicators every 5 minutes busy up the outside ring of the dial. Roman numerals replace the geometric indices on the even-numbered hours, with “I” showing up the odd number hours. That’s a bit different, but Scout’s honor… I didn’t even notice all the extra “I”s until BA pointed it out in the comments over here. The hands have been thinned down quite a bit, and gone is the plain crown of the original Bambino, and instead there’s a nicer looking onion shaped crown at 3 o’clock.

Orient Bambino Vintage Domed

They’ve made four case + dial color combos in this new vintage-look, with the blue-hand / cream dial once again selling out this past weekend. Up for grabs here is the white dial, silver case, and rose-gold accent option. Usually $260 retail, ($182 with the usual 30% off), now a steal at $156.00. Or, plain old larceny at “free” if you win the random drawing…

Enter here to win The Orient Bambino FER2400BW0. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 11/26/13. Thanks to Orient for providing their newest model. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to William H. who won the drawing for this Bambino. Thanks again to Orient!

Orient Bambino V Win It