Lands’ End / L.E.C. 30% off Everything Friends & Family

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FRIENDLY + 3055 = 30% off Everything at Land’s End & L.E.C.

A few years back, Lands’ End Canvas was a plucky new sub-brand from a mark many of our Parents still wear. The cuts were a bit closer, the styling was contemporary, and codes & promotions were plentiful. Hey, they even won Store Wars.

Wha’ happened?

That’s a question that many are asking. And it’s an honest, fair question. Big Brother Lands’ End absorbed the standalone Lands’ End Canvas website, less and less L.E.C. items seem to be produced every season, and the codes and promos faucet went from a steady stream to a every-so-often drip. But prices stayed the same. Read: pretty darn high at their normal retail price.

UPDATE: As a few have pointed out in the comments, this email just came in this morning from Lands’ End Canvas. No more LEC.
UPDATE II: Heard from the people at Lands’ End. Canvas isn’t going away. It has been scaled back (or as they put it: “tightened the assortment” but that email was about how LEC won’t be sending out their own, individual emails anymore. Communication will fall under the Lands’ End umbrella.

But LEC and Lands’ End still knock it out of the park every once in awhile. They might be owned by Sears (for now), and they might have slipped off a few of our radars, but a 30% off everything code & pin is a nice piece of encouragement to take a spin around their digital racks. And with the web, you won’t have to weave your way through aisles of Kenmore Dishwashers or Bridgestone Tire displays.

Lambswool Brushed Donegal Crewneck – $55.30

LEC Donnegal 2013

Donnegal. Traditional like Fair Isle, without the Scottish Huxtable (McHuxtuable?) loudness. It’s the flecks. 80% lambswool + 20% nylon. Also available in navy and ships free all on its own.


L.E.C. Blackwatch Wool Blend Sportcoat – $118.30 ($169)

LEC blackwatch blazer

70% wool, 30% poly. Half lined up the back in cotton with poly sleeves. Looks like mini peak lapels. Now $30 more than the JC Penney option, but that one is a “Classic Fit”, and those Stafford Sportcoats can be real hit or miss on feel and finish. No way the Stafford fits that trim in person.


Premium Full Grain Longwings – $104.30 ($149)

Archer Longwings

Stitched welt, grippy rubber sole, and extremely well reviewed on their website. Nice, sharp medallion on that toe too.


Sportsman Oilcloth Jacket – $69.99 ($249.50)

oilcloth jacket

Really well liked and well reviewed. Consensus seems to be to size down. Pretty sure these have popped up on Threads a time or two before.  M, L, XL, and XXL left in the “dark rust” pictured here at post time.


L.E.C. Lightweight Chambray Button Down – $20.99 ($49)

LEC Chambray shirts

A nice, rugged basic for a nicely cheap price. Not stiff, thick chambray by any stretch.


Straight Fit Moleskin Chinos$48.30 ($69)

moleskin trousers

Moleskin is the best. It’s like velvet, minus the sheen and some of the height of the nap. It’s got a brushed, thicker feeling to it. Plenty warm. If this was sold in moleskin, it’d be on like a double-donged (and thanks to Trivial Pursuit, some of us know the technical term for that condition) donkey kong. Straight fit from the regular Lands’ End Line, so they should have enough room even if you are afflicted with dipha… nevermind. Long day. Sorry.


Fair Isle “First Clip” Shawl Collar$62.30 ($89)

Lambswool Fair Isle Shawl

They’re claiming that this “first clip” wool is softer and not as itchy as standard lambswool. Dense knit with a cable pattern in there. Ho friggin’ ho.


Archer Suede Belt – $27.30 ($39.00)

Archer Suede Belt

A really solid price for a versatile suede belt. And no, you don’t have to pair it up with suede shoes. Also. Danger Zone.


L.E.C. 628 Straight Fit 5-pocket Colored Jeans$47.60 ($68)

color denim

Big fan of the 628 Straight Fit that L.E.C. produces (see a fit comparison between their 628 and 608 slim over here). But they can’t be that crinkled/wrinkled… can they? That’s just a styling(?) thing right?


Welted Bucks – $83.30 ($119)

LE Bucks

A much more affordable alternative to the J. Crew Kenton. Sure it’s November, but wear these with denim on a day when it’s not sleeting and you’ll be fine. Stitched welt. Also available in a a standard chestnut. Each pair comes with extra laces in a contrast color, like a bright blue with the grey.
L.E.C. Garment Dye Rugby – $27.99 ($58)

LEC Field Rugby

They kicked the contrast collar and cuffs off last year’s French Terry Rugby, and instead went with a matching corduroy collar to the green and navy rugbys for this year. If they fit like the previous version, consider sizing down. Another alternative to wearing a hoodie.


L.E.C. Marled Shawl Collar Pullover – $20.98 ($80)


What was that about an alternative to wearing a hoodie? French terry fabric. Dirt cheap. On clearance.


Fulton Chelsea Boots – $66.49 ($159)

LE Chelseas

A really nice price for what could very well be a decent chelsea. But like most (all?) Lands’ End footwear… man that toe looks a little bulbous online from above. Could be great in person though. Black and Brown available.


Fair Isle Wool Alpaca Folded V-neck Sweater $41.99 ($129)

pumpkin shawl fair aisle

It’s the great pumpkin charlie brown! Not a good look if you’re carrying some extra around your mid-section. BUT… for $42, it’s a 65% merino, 30% nylon, 5% alpaca blend that could work its way into weekend rotation.


Montrose Alpine Boot – $31.48 ($138)

not for your bad motor scooter

Very much already on sale. Hat tip to Jake D. for the tip. Super-duper cheap, but there’s a not so pleased review on the product page that could lead to trouble for some.


Wool Blanket Stripe Scarf – $13.99 ($39.00)

All wool scarf

Gift alert. For an extra six bucks (so, still under twenty before shipping) you can get a recipients initials monogrammed on one of these. It’s a safe color with just a bit of pattern as well.

And that be the latest from LEC and Lands’ End. Thoughts? Will Lands’ End continue to try and lean younger? Is this a slow period for you as well? Leave it all in the comments. Code FRIENDLY and pin 3055 expires on Tuesday 11/12/13.