Splurge Alert: 25% off J. Crew, Suiting + 3rd Party Included

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INSTYLE25 = 25% off at J. Crew… no exclusions?

UPDATE: Looks like as of this morning, 10/8/13, J. Crew has discontinued this promotion for 3rd party goods and suiting. Interesting that they had it running since late last week and decided to cut that option now.

Many thanks to Dappa and a few others for sending in the style tips on this one.

UPDATE: J. Crew just launched an extra 40% off sale items code: EXTRA40 this Monday (10/7/13) morning. Floodgates are oddly open from them on codes + discounts right now.

Is J. Crew quietly changing some of their sale & code policies? Not too long after they ran that extra 50% off select items sale, this INSTYLE25 code materializes and it’s good for 25% off everything on the J. Crew Site. That’s a new one. Suiting and 3rd party merchandise used to always be excluded from codes, unless they were already in the sale section and one of those “extra 30% off sale items” codes showed up. But not this time. A warning: some of the picks below aren’t just splurges, but stratospheric checking account assassins. Even with the code. This one goes firmly in the “too expensive” category.


Walkover Short Wing Bluchers in Burgundy Chromexcel – $236.25 ($315)

walk over shorties

Guessing the pics online don’t really do these things justice. Especially if they’re cut from Horween’s outstanding dark burgundy chromexcel leather. Made in the USA. A bit more casual than an oxford since this has blucher/open lacing. One of those shoes you can dress up or dress down, and you’ll likely do so for many years to come.


Slim Fit Rustic Merino Wool V-Neck – $67.13 ($89.00)

JCrew Merino Slim V

Admittedly still awfully pricey for a sweater, but there’s a couple of extras on this thing that might make it worth the splurge. First is the fit. If you’re a truly slim or skinny fellow, you’re almost always swimming in sweaters. Even if you’re just a fit guy you’re likely stuck with sweaters that leave you with a fabric spare tire. That’s not the case with J. Crew’s slim fit for their knits. While the truly skinny might still have a little extra at the sides, it’ll be a noticeable upgrade. And these look awfully sharp on the guys who are fit with some strength on their frames. OH… and the slub all merino knit + real suede elbow patches are terrific too.


Ludlow Suit in Italian Wool Flannel – $487.50 ($650)

Ludlow flannel

Good grief. $225 retail just for the pants? Even with the code we’re in Suitsupply territory. Specifically, this Suitsupply cut from Super 120s. But points to J. Crew for offering their flannel suit in Navy as well as grey. Wish they woulda done that for the much more affordable Factory version.


Broadmore Quilted Cotton Jacket – $148.50 ($198)

quilted jacket

Not poly, but instead cotton. Short mock style collar. Nice.


Unconstructed Ludlow 2/3 Roll Oxford Cloth Sportcoat – $59.99* ($248)

Oxford Sportcoat

Whoa. Last call on these things huh? Already marked down to a final-sale (no returns) price of a hundred bucks. The code gets them into nicely-cheap territory. More of a spring/summer sportcoat, but you could probably get away with wearing this with dark jeans and boots. Sized in small, medium, large, etc… so know some tailoring work is probably going to be needed. *UPDATE: They launched an extra 40% off sale items code: EXTRA40 on Monday (10/7) morning. Sizes are going quick on these though.


Ludlow Shawl Collar Tux in Navy or Black – $592.50 ($790)

shawl ludlow

Let’s say you’re getting married, or, you’ve got some massive event coming up and you want to go full Skyfall. You’ll pay for it here, but you’ll get a slim, deep navy (or black) shawl collar tux and you’ve got the option of their slimmer fitting pant. With the 25% off code it drops to less than the Suitsupply option. And that Suitsupply tux really is that true-blue instead of deep navy. Meanwhile, some have had good luck getting a navy tux (see this over on threads) from custom outfits like Dragon Inside. But if you like the Ludlow fit, then you know what you’re getting here.


Alden 405 Indy Boots – $374.25 ($499)

Alden Indy

Everybody sing along! Dun dah dun dahhhhh… dun duh duhhhhh…. dun dah dun DAHHHH… dun dun Duh DUH DUH…


Barbour Equestrian Bedale Jacket – $284.25 ($379)

Barbour jacket

A big investment for a casual jacket, but it’s made from Barbour’s “thornproof waxed cotton”, comes in that slick deep navy (black too), and the details like the hardware and rear snap equipped vents sure look perfect.


Filson Original Briefcase in Navy & Green – $206.25 ($275)

filson navy

So when the Filson original was 25% off during the Brooks Brothers F&F sale, it was $186. This one is 25% off and… $206. Why? “This handsome briefcase is constructed in exclusive-to-J.Crew fabric and trim.” The green is different. Not sure if anything else is though.


Ludlow in Italian Cotton Pique Jacket + Pant – $209.98* ($496)

ludloq in pique

Already in the sale section and just got another cut in price. The 25% off code gets it into that rare mid $200s area where J. Crew Suits don’t usually end up. It’s cotton, but there are plenty of sizes left in the jackets. Pants are going quick. Final sale. *UPDATE: The pants are all but gone as of Monday morning, but the extra 40% code that was just launched, EXTRA40, drops it to just north of $200.


Penfield Kasson Hooded Parka – $146.25 ($195)

penfield parka

A classic, hooded, cotton/nylon parka from Penfield. Pretty darn good looking in Burgundy.


Alden Shell Cordovan Cap Toe Boots – $500.25 ($667)

alden shell boots

Heaven’s to Betsy. Great Googly. Made in the USA of course.