Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2013 Preview Top 10

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts Friday 7/19

Nordstrom holds three major sale events every year: The Half Yearly Sales in December and June, and the upcoming Anniversary Sale which launches on July 19th. Is the Anniversary Sale “better” than the half yearly sales? Maybe… but it’s certainly different.

The Half-Yearly Sales are basically mid-season clearance events. The Anniversary Sale is the opposite. Instead of sale prices on items that have been on the shelves for a bit, The Anniversary Sale marks down new, often just-in goods for the fall. And the discounts are pretty serious. The catch is, you’ll probably have to wait a few months before you really start wearing a lot of these things. This sale will make you look forward to fall even more than most of us already are.

A preview catalog has been released with just some of the items that’ll be available at reduced prices during the Anniversary Sale. Sale prices shown won’t go into effect until Friday 7/19. Here’s a top 10 to keep an eye on…


#10. Herschel Supply Dot Duffel – $49.90 ($80)

Hershel Duffle

And the dot trend has officially jumped to luggage. This is Herschel’s duffel with the shoe compartment in the base. According to Maxton Men, these run 11x23x10.5. Over 2600 cubic inches, so a nice size for a quick getaway.


#9. 1901 Casey Longwing – $64.90 ($99.90)

190 Longwing

From the Nordstrom house brand 1901. Currently only made in tan, but this blueish-grey version looks terrific. Decent construction for a hundred dollar shoe. Leather isn’t the most supple by any stretch, but it feels tough enough.


#8. Alternative Eco Pocket Henley – $27.90 ($42)

Pocket Henley

Tri-blend means it should be super soft. 3/4 sleeves. Three button henley placket and a chest pocket. Like an early fall weekend version of a basic pocket tee. Nice lines with the raglan sleeves. Liking the blue sleeve / reddish orange placket option.


#7. Red Wing Moc Toe Boot – $159.90 ($250)

Red Wing Moc

Made in the USA and about as inexpensive as a new Red Wing (that’s not at an outlet as a 2nd) is going to get. Beastly and casual. Goodyear welted.


#6. Bonobos Washed Chinos – $65.90 ($88)

Bonobos Chinos

A nice discount for the Bonobos flagship pant. Ships and returns free of course. No word yet on how many colors they’ll have available for the Anniversary Sale discount.


#5. Allen Edmonds Walnut Dalton – $259.90 ($395)

AE Dalton

Still expensive, but $135 off the Dalton is nothing to sneeze at.


#4. Calibrate Trim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt in Gingham – $38.90 ($59.50)

Calibrate Check

One of the best bang for the buck shirts out there. Great quality. Non-iron finish could be a little softer, but it’s not scratchy. Terrific collar. How to wear it over here. Was also on sale for this price during the half-yearly sale, but unlike that clearance, sizes should be fully stocked this time around.


#3. For Her: Vince Camuto Colorblock V-Neck Sheath Dress $105.90 ($159)

Ladies Sheath Dress

Hot. Fire.


#2. Allen Edmonds Neumok – $169.90 ($260)

AE neumok

A complete splurge for a casual shoe that can be dressed up a touch… but they’re something. Full review over here. Available in brown or blue. Really nice price.


#1. Red Wing Beckman Boot – $199.90 ($390)

Red Wing Beckman

Good. Lord. Yep. C’mon Fall. Hurry up and get here. Made in the USA. And this proves why the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale might be the most droolable sale of the year.

You can browse the catalog here. Men’s starts on page 78. Thoughts on the top 10? Remember, the catalog is just a teaser, and prices on these and other items won’t drop until July 19. Prices then go back up to full retail on August 5th. Many thanks to reader Ritesh P. for passing along the catalog.