Would you wear it? The $60 Cotton Double Breasted Blazer

A nice way to mix it up? Or too Thurston Howell?

Express Stretch Cotton Double Breasted Blazer – $57.99 w/ 4246 ($198)

This is already on sale, the end of season clearance takes an extra 20% off, then the $30 off $75 code 4246 drops it even further.

But just because it’s a code stacked on a sale which is on top of another sale… doesn’t make it a good idea.

Takes some serious chutzpah to pull off. But unlike traditional wool double breasted blazers with their gold or brass buttons, this one gets dressed down in cotton with dark buttons. Skip the tie, wear it with a pale blue shirt and some lighter chinos (or even jeans?) and you might hit that odd combination of modern & tradition that Italian men seem to pull off with ease.

cotton DB blazer from Express

Lapels are slim peaks that don’t explode out up the chest. Center vent. Mainly cotton with a bit of spandex for stretch. Comes in standard jacket/chest measurement sizes (36R, 38R, 40R, etc…) with some short and long sizes available at post time as well.

So would you wear it? Or does this fall firmly in “DANGER… you may be bored if considering” category for you? Leave it all in the comments below…