Lands’ End / L.E.C. 40% Regular Priced Items

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BRIGHT + pin 4520 = 40% off full priced items at Lands’ End

Code and pin also gets you free shipping over $50.  Works on Lands’ End Canvas stuff too.  Doesn’t work on 3rd party merchandise like Allen Edmonds or Oak Street Bootmakers.  Expires 5/1/13.

After a spring of sorta-stingey codes, Lands’ End recently dropped this BRIGHT + 4520 40% off deal on our collective desks. There is one catch:  It won’t work on stuff that’s already marked down.  So full price or bust.  As you’d expect, Allen Edmonds / Oak Street Bootmakers are exempt from the code.

But still, there’s more than a few new arrivals to take a look at.  And again, it’s been awhile since a number like 40% off got tossed out from Lands’ End.  Maybe they’re feelin’ extra generous now that their home city was just forced to cut them a check for $1.5 million? Dodgeville WI.  Ouch.  Guessing that’s NOT the reason for the code, at all, but we’ll take it.


L.E.C. Vintage Jersey Pocket Polo – $26.40 ($44)

Huzzah for the pocket.

Huzzah for the pocket.

L.E.C. stuff, while a bit more fitted than standard, boxy Lands’ End stuff, still isn’t quite as trim as many other brands.  Haven’t seen these new polos in person, but sizing down might be a decent idea if you’re inbetween sizes.  Otherwise, just expect a little extra room.  Chest pocket + stripes (even on the blue one… look close) make for a nice alternative to standard solid polos.  Jersey cotton instead of heavy Pique golf-polo fabric.


L.E.C. Overdyed OCBD – $32.40 ($54)

Shown: "Aqua Sky" and "Weather vane"

Shown: “Aqua Sky” and “Weather vane”

With the price jumps jcp has now undergone, L.E.C.’s OCBDs come back into the fold.  Fabric is better than the OCBD you can get at Target, and the fit, while a little more generous than jcp’s, isn’t terrible.  Big fan of these two colors.


L.E.C. Heritage Navy Blazer – $150.00 ($250)

Anyone seen this in person yet?  Thoughts?

Anyone seen this in person yet? Thoughts?

As L.E.C. slipped off the radar a bit this year, this blazer never really got much play.  But it’s extremely well reviewed on line, does NOT have functional sleeve buttons, and might be a great budget-friendly wool blazer.  Those are patch pockets on the front, so it leans more casual.  Can’t really tell how high the button stance is either.  Body lining is cotton with poly sleeve lining.  Numerous reviewers mention that this is much lighter weight than you’d expect.  Could be a great thing if you’re not a fan of heavier blazers.


Archer Suede Welted Bucks in Navy, Chestnut, or Light Stone – $71.40 ($119)

Archer?  Surprisingly, won't go with a tactileneck

Archer? Sadly, won’t go with a tactileneck

“Genuine Leather Welt”.  Not sure how easy it would be to re-sole these, but a customer service chat confirmed that they’re sewn and not glued (you’d think that’d be the case, but just wanted to make sure).  Dirt cheap price for summer footwear.


L.E.C. Made in the USA 608 Slim Fit or 628 Straight Fit Jean – $58.80 ($98)

Wrinkled and right out of the box. Left: Slim. Right: Straight.

Simple, solid, dark wash Made in the USA denim.  Ships free.  Full review here.


L.E.C. Contrast Collar OCBD – $26.40 ($44.00)

Grey?  Yes.  Not sure about the striped collar on the blue.

Grey? Yes. Not sure about the striped collar on the blue.

Their OCBD with a twist.  Contrast, banker-style collar on a grey body.  Or, a striped blue collar on a light blue body.  Button down still, oxford cloth still, and now at a tempting mid $20s price.


L.E.C. Bridle Leather Buckle Belt – $29.40 ($49)

The not an afterthought buckle.

The not-an-afterthought buckle.

Just left of the GAP-Classic-Leather-Belt center without getting wonky or weird.  1″ wide, so it’s not enormous, and therefor the rounded buckle will stand out just a bit.


L.E.C. Herringbone Club Collar Button Down – $29.40 ($49)

A new take on the layering shirt.

Club collar + herring bone.  Too much?

One of those Lands’ End Canvas trying-something-different pieces that hits the mark instead of missing.  Wear it as an alternative to a basic chambray work shirt.


L.E.C. 608 5-Pocket Slim Canvas Pant – $58.80 | 608 Slim Morning Stripe Pant – $58.80 ($98)

Both new and retail at $90.

A warning: The 608 is real slim.

Denim alternatives.  For the 5 Pockets: Cone White Oak Mill Indigo Canvas and the description claims the pants are made in the USA like their jeans.  Not quite jeans, but close.  Meanwhile, the striped pants look office ready only in a dressed down cotton.


Fulton Penny Loafers – $89.40 ($149)

Now going for

Now going for eight thousand nine hundred and forty pennies.

Sexy?  Maybe not.  Well executed at this price?  Sure seems to be.  The toe shape looks to be perfect.  Not too stumpy, not pointy either.  And the apron toe stitching doesn’t reach too far out to the edge, or stay too close on the vamp.  “Genuine leather welt” once again.  Full-grain leather.  The lighter tan option looks solid.  Thanks to Thomas for the tip on these.


Bamboo Handle Stick Umbrella – $23.70 ($39.50)

Better than some tiny teal thing you got in an airport.

Also great for getting bad acts off the stage.

Always good to have an umbrella stashed in the trunk of your car in case the weather turns nasty. The classic stick Umbrella from Totes will always be #1 in some of our hearts (does a heart have room for umbrella rankings?), but to some, that one looks a little funeraly.  Bamboo handle on this one from L.E.  48″ canopy.

The 40% off regularly priced items code BRIGHT and pin 4520 expires on 5/1/13.  Free shipping at $50 kicks in AFTER the code has been applied, so if something was over $50 pre-code, but drops under after?  You’ll have to pay for shipping.  Thanks to Kyle for the tip about the sale.