Speed, Sunglasses, and Mad Menification

For your weekend reading pleasure.

For the longest time, men actively rejecting trends (or even caring about their clothes) was the trend.  Now the opposite seems to be true.  T Magazine explores that shift in  The Rise of the Well Dressed Man.

Many thanks to Joe Reid from the comments in the $100+ Sunglasses debate for pointing out this article from the Wall Street Journal.  The WSJ points out that the company Luxottica has a nice stranglehold on the sunglasses market.  “Luxottica says it makes a gross profit of 64 cents on each dollar of sales.”  They know how to make a buck too.

Banana Republic has launched their latest Mad Men collection.  Thoughts?

Our well dressed bodies are so slow, we’re all constantly living in the past.  Meanwhile, the stock market is so fast, fractions of pennies morph into zillions of dollars in seconds.  If you’re headed for a drive or taking the dog for a walk this weekend, download this podcast from Radiolab and listen along the way.  It’s something.  A heavy something.

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