The Friday Handful – 1/11/13

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier.  Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look.  Those are what make up these handfuls.  Expect these things when necessary.  Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below.  Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Ralph Lauren: Winter Sale
One of the better sales in awhile.

One of the better sales from Ralph in awhile.

The Picks: Lined Nappa Glove – $24.49 ($79), Deerfield Card Case – $34.30 ($95),  Quilted Vest – $97.99 ($225), Durrow Cap Toe Shoes – $209.99 ($525), Hayward Suede Driver – $167.99 ($395)

Easily one of the better RL sales in awhile (they’ve been pretty lackluster as of late).  Should have been it’s own post even.  The gloves are a not too basic basic at a great price, the card case… while logo’d, has that vintage thing going for it, and the quilted vest is now down to “might think about it” territory.  At post time, size selection was actually decent on many items.


Urban Daddy Perks:  25% off Ear Hero

The Pick: Ear Hero Headphones – $112.00 ($149)

I know.  I know.  Triple digit headphones?  And the slick video is obviously targeting those of us who are suckers for the entire James Bond thing.  Now, plenty of us do just fine with the $10 cheap earbuds you can pick up anywhere. And the entire Beats by Dr. Dre as an accessory thing mystify plenty of us.  But these things seem to be the absolute opposite of those bulky headphones.  They’re designed to be small, unnoticeable, and most importantly, claim to not totally shut out the world around you.  Bad for screaming babies on a plane, but good for those 6 am pitch black 5 mile runs in the snow (you don’t need any stray cars sneaking up on you).  If these can allow someone to listen to a podcast while grocery shopping,  yet render them totally oblivious to that cart coming around the corner, then maybe some of us would be willing to hit Costco more.  (Which would make Mrs. Dappered happy).

UPDATE:  Looks like these sold out.


Lands End / L.E.C.: 30% off everything w/ SUNNY & 1014
Lots of wool going on here.

Lots of wool going on here.

The Picks: Boiled Wool Blazer – $69.99 ($200), Slim Fit Herringbone Wool Pants – $41.99 ($130)

Combine this offer with some drastic winter sale price reductions and some surprisingly decent size selections, and there are some real finds here.  That boiled wool blazer for $70?  Might be worth taking for a spin.  Nice that you can get the pants hemmed to within a quarter of an inch.  Free shipping kicks in at $75.  Code expires 1/14.


Allen Edmonds:  New Styles Added To Clearance
Character w/out crazy.

Character w/out crazy.

The Picks: Park Ave. in Walnut Grain – $227 ($335)

They haven’t added a ton, but there’s a few new eye catchers in there.  Rundown of what has been already percolating in their clearance can be found over here.  Remember, it’s a clearance so sizes can be all over the map.  And meanwhile… they made a Dalton in Grey?  Kinda odd.


Macy’s: One Day Sale 1/11 – 1/12

When prices pretty much bottom out.

If you’ve had your eye on something at Macy’s, now’s not a bad time to swing back through either in-store or online to check on the price.  Usually the One Day Sale price is about as low as it’ll go (barring some big wardrobe event or something).

Also worth a mention: Gilt is launching a suiting/sportcoats under $299 at noon ET today, for the sometimes bizarre… Barneys is doing a winter clearance, J. Crew’s sale section has seen some new arrivals and STYLEFIND continues to take an extra 30% off through 1/20 (that drops these Danners to $217).