22 Unextraordinary people who you should buy a drink

Yet they're extraordinary in their own way.

These people might be extraordinary in their own right, but these small actions are also worth toasting, with you treating them to their drink of choice if the opportunity should somehow present itself.  

  1. The salesperson who says: “Hello!  Let me know if I can help you find anything.” and leaves it at that.
  2. A tailor who won’t argue with you, but instead gently guides you back to reality when your thinking is off.
  3. The retail cashier who asks if you’ve brought the 20% off coupon with you, and when you say no because you had no idea there was a coupon available, they then sneak one out from under their register’s keyboard for your purchase.
  4. Anyone who says: “Looks good” instead of: “Did you get a hair cut?!” when you change it up a bit.
  5. Someone who’s not too shy to tell you plainly, without making a big deal about it, that you’ve got something stuck in your teeth, hanging out of your nose, or worst case scenario, that thing that was hanging out of your nose is now stuck in your teeth.
  6. The guy at the liquor store who informs you it’s cheaper if you get the package deal with the logo glass.
  7. The bartender who knows what your tastes are, and encourages you to try a taste of something just in before going with an old standby.
  8. The couple who slides a seat down at the bar without being asked so you and your date can grab a seat.
  9. The person at the grocery store with a full cart who tells the guy behind him who’s buying nothing but a stick of beef jerky and a six-pack that he should cut in front of him.
  10. The UPS/FedEx/Mailman who tucks those packages out of sight where only you will see them.
  11. That legion of wool/tweed pencil skirt clad ladies this time of year…
  12. … especially those who work some tasteful knee high boots into the mix.
  13.  The guy who can’t dance who dances anyway because his date wants to dance.
  14. Fans who genuinely congratulate the visitor in the visiting team’s jersey after the home team loses.
  15. The meter maid who tears up the parking ticket.
  16. The boss who at 2:00 in the afternoon before a long weekend says:  “Go on.  Get out of here.”
  17. The friend who always calls on his way over to a big party at your place and asks if you need him to pick up any last minute food, beer, limes, cups, charcoal, circus animals, etc…
  18. The older lady with the southern accent who works at the DMV/Courthouse/movie theater who calls all the guys “hun” and the women “darlin'” (and you don’t live in the south).
  19. People who can talk politics with an open mind….
  20. …and won’t talk about them on Facebook (or in the comments on unrelated websites.)
  21. Couples over 50 who still hold hands or walk arm & arm.
  22. The guy who leaves the sports section in the can at work every day.

Hats off to you if you fit any of these descriptions.