Extra 30% off J.Crew Sale & Factory Sale Items

Suede wingtips, wallets, and about as low as a J. Crew suit gets.

J. Crew 30% off Sale with code LOVEIT

Takes 30% off factory sale items as well.  Careful of the “final” sale items though, you can’t return those.

Seems like we just did this.  Because we did.  They have added some shoes and accessories worth a look.  This time the code you’ll need is  LOVEIT, which knocks an extra 30% off not just final sale items, but all sale items and all items on J. Crew Factory’s site with prices in red.  As always, keep an eye out for items marked “final” sale.  Sometimes only certain sizes are final sale.  So that text will show up when you choose your size.

J. Crew Allerton Suede Wingtips – $124.60 ($188)

What would you pay?

Here’s a mini “what would you pay?”  $125, but you have to pop for shipping.  They’re catalog/online only.  Deep brown looking suede and what appears to be their stitched out welt re-soleable construction.  Dainite-like (rubber/synthetic with some barely noticeable studs) on the bottom.  Some haven’t been thrilled with the J. Crew brand shoes and have brought up issues of quality in the comments.  But maybe, like BR, their suedes are a safer bet?


J. Crew Cognac “accordion” wallet – $38.50 ($65) or billfold – $45.40($75)

The unboring options.

The thing about a wallet with some color, any color other than dark brown or black, is that it stays hidden most of the time and it doesn’t have to match your other leathers.  The accordion/slim looking wallet is awfully tempting…


J. Crew Factory Wool Blend Walking Coat – $138.60 | Classic Peacoat – $117.60

A combination of the two styles wouldn’t be half bad.

Hey look, winter coats.  Wool blend and the prices, even with the extra 30% off, seem a little steep.  Could come down the further we head towards the snow?  Walking coat is on the way for a review as part of the annual best affordable fall/winter outerwear feature.


J. Crew Factory Marled Lambswool Cardigan – $54.60 | Lambswool Mock Neck – $48.65

Left: quiet afternoon. Right: Let’s shoot, or swing an axe, or…

Lambswool isn’t all that versatile, but every guy should consider having at least one go-to lambswool sweater in his closet.  These are pretty solid prices for all lambswool.  The mock-neck Henley style has that hard not to like rugged thing going for it.  Shot right to the top of the personal most wanted, and its on the way for an in-person.  A standard and simple crew is also on sale for $31.


J. Crew Factory Wool Suit Jacket & Pant – $207.20 ($376)

As good as two bills will look.

Perfect?  Of course not.  The pants might need some slimming for some, and the fabric is a little rough to the touch… but it’s as close to perfect as $200 gets.  Ships free too.  Available in a lighter grey, which might make for an awfully nice suit to travel in.  UPDATE:  Sounds like the light grey Thompson isn’t so light.  See Guest and Lance F. below.  It’s much darker in person.


J. Crew Factory Wool Blend Thompson Suit Jacket & Pant – $207.20

Different year. Same car wash.

You guys know the drill.  Original review here.


Nike for J. Crew Pre-Montreal – $52.50 ($85) | Cortez Sneakers – $45.50 ($75)

Runners you won’t be running in.

Full honesty:  Your humble Dappered.com editor is a total sucker for these throwback sneakers (even though there is no pair in the personal collection).  Different than Converse and PF Flyers.  Not as versatile.  But fun as hell.


Billy Reid for K-Swiss Sneakers in washed black or natural – $27.99 or chestnut – $41.99

Collaborative saleification

Leaning heavily towards the Converse/PF Flyers side, but without the rubber top toe bumpers.  Careful with the washed black and natural colors.  Those are final sale.


J. Crew Factory Merino Svest – $24.15 ($49.50)

Great under blazers.

Rick Santorum didn’t kill the Sweater Vest.  He just ripped out its heart, bit a huge chunk out of the left ventricle, then whipped it side arm against a chain link fence.  There is a way to wear these.


J. Crew Italian Wool Aldridge Suit Jacket & Pant – $314.99 ($650)

Might require a little extra work at the tailor.

About as low as J. Crew (not factory) suits seem to get.  Another $55 off compared to the last extra 30% off sale.  Sizes are starting to disappear, and many sizes are coming up as final sale.  Ouch.

The extra 30% off code LOVEIT expires on Friday 9/21.  Free shipping kicks in at $175.