5 Favorites – Reader Furious Styles

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5 Favorites from Dappered Reader All-Star Furious Styles (Marc Jones)

Sure it’s just stuff.  But stuff can make life easier, more enjoyable, etc… Every so often we ask one of our favorite people to rattle off their five favorite things.  This week you’ll find favorites from some of Dappered’s most active readers.

“Furious Styles” here on Dappered, but Marc Jones in the acting world.  A son of Washington D.C. with a soft spot for Chicago, Marc makes his living as a professional actor.  He’s performed in national commercials, independent films, as well as print modeling.  If his comments on Dappered seem particularly well written, he does that too.  His writing has been featured by both Redskins.com (he’s a diehard Redskins fan) as well as The Washington Post.

Forget stage fright, Marc has none of that of course, but his level of guts goes to a stylistic point where few of us tread.  His gorgeous and fantastic wife doesn’t mind that he can find great outfits for her, just as easily as for himself.  Shopping for the Mrs.?  That is something.


#1. Calvin Klein slim fit blazer – $249.99

“Let’s start right here, gents.  I know that Joe recently wrote that any clothing choice made of velvet was doomed to quickly expire, but I would submit that this slim fit, velvet-esque blazer is an indispensible part of my wardrobe.  The blend has a wonderfully subtle sheen, perfect for that evening of live jazz and cocktails.  It’s versatile enough to wear with jeans, slacks, and your favorite bowtie.” (Blazer purchased at Lord & Taylor. Shown w/ a Calvin Klein slim fit dress shirt.)


#2. Kane & Unke Trim Fit Military Jacket – $109

This jacket is one of two reasons I am excited for Fall (the other being the NFL season).  Honestly, I wasn’t even in the market for a lightweight, fitted military jacket.  But back in July, Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale was featured on Dappered, and in the comments section, “Mike” linked to this jacket and I couldn’t resist adding it to my stable.  Dress it up with an oxford button down and tie, dress it down with a t-shirt. Just wear it.  (Shown here with a St. Mary’s College of Maryland tee. Go Seahawks!)


#3. Kangol grey plaid 504 cap – $38 – 74

“I’ve always loved Kangol caps.  They were a staple of old school rappers and that old guy sitting in the corner of your barbershop. I saw The Roots’ Black Thought sport one on an album cover and I knew I had to get an authentic Philly 504.  This one I nabbed on Broad Street and it always seems appropriate.  If you’ve got the head for it, accept no substitutes.  Just don’t wear it backwards unless you’re Samuel Jackson.” (Shown with a Target Merona athletic fit polo, K&G Cellangino jacket.)


#4. 80GB PS3 – $219.99 & up

As much as I love my Velodyne subwoofer, 50” plasma HDTV, and Mirage unidirectional surrounds, the one favorite in my home is my big old PlayStation 3.  I use it to play music from my hard drive, watch Netflix and Amazon, peruse my Blu-ray collection, and host game nights of Rock Band and Tekken.  It’s one of only a few items I’ve paid MSRP for, but it’s more than paid for itself over the years.”


#5. Express 3-piece Producer Suit – $298

I’ve learned since becoming a Dapper Gent that Express’ suits are fair to middling when it comes to quality and value.  But I have to credit Express for enticing me to seriously consider owning a three piece suit.  I figured they were for guys my Dad’s age.  Years ago I accidentally got someone else’s Express mailing and I saw how a three piece can be sharp for my generation too.  I found their off the rack fit to be great for me, and when the right sale came around, I could grab one for a steal .  And honestly, when I put it on, nobody asks whether it’s a Hickey Freeman or not.  They just say ‘Three piece? Lookin’ good!’  And isn’t that what really matters?

For Previous editions of “5 Favorites” see the archive here. Very Top “5” Photo Credit: Gunnar Bangsmoen