10 places to wear a suit where you normally wouldn’t.

Don’t limit your suit to weddings & funerals. Get out and use it.
Dappered Classics: Where to wear your favorite suit(s) more often.

Originally Published 3/20/12

It takes practice to feel your most comfortable when most dressed up… if you’re normally not.  So even if you’ve got a great suit that’s impeccably tailored, when it comes time to actually use it for a big event, you’ll want to be so used to wearing it that it’s no big thing.  That means making up excuses to put it on if you’re not in a suit and tie workplace. Here’s a few suggestions on where to wear that favorite suit of yours…

1. On an airplane – It’ll save you from having to check a garment bag.  That and the skies tend to get a whole lot friendlier while flying in a well cut suit.  The flight attendants treat you better, as do people who are sitting near you.  They assume you’re someone important going somewhere important. Even if that ain’t quite the case.

2. Bar crawling on a Saturday night – “You look like you own the place.”  “I do.”  “Wait, really?”

3. To work, when you don’t normally – “You look like you’re headed to an interview.”  “I am.”  “Wait, really?”

4. When shopping, especially if you’re suit shopping – The good news is you’ll be treated better, and you’ll be able to compare your favorite to any new potential acquisitions if shopping for a suit.  The bad news is that some sales associates might think you’re made of money.

5. During the Summer – As long as it’s light in color, weight, and fabric.  A summer suit is an awesome thing to have.

6. When checking into a hotel – Dudes in baggy cargo pants hardly ever get upgraded.  Now’s a good time to see if you can make an upgrade happen.  And if you’re staying in Las Vegas, then all the better.

7. When drinking alone When out of course.  If you go through the effort to put on a suit just to make yourself a Brooklyn at home, then good God man, you’ve got issues.

8. To Saturday mid-afternoon Lunch – Despite what Mad Men might have you think, pulling off a three drink lunch during the work week isn’t easy.  Hit somewhere real nice on a Saturday for lunch.  It’s cheaper, and there’s something about crashing on your couch for a 4pm nap while wearing worsted wool.

9. While hosting a poker party Class it up once.  Instead of the usual kielbasa fest, invite some ladies (if you don’t already) and give it a dressed up theme.  Keep the stakes affordable, & make cocktails instead of swilling cheap beer.

10. While making your significant other a home cooked candle lit dinner – Watch out for those grease splatters.