Ten stylish picks for under $10.00 – July 2012

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When did everything get so damn expensive?  It used to be that you could pay full retail for something and not have to promise your first born in exchange.  Although it’s getting a little parched, the well of cheap hasn’t run completely dry quite yet.  Ten picks, each under ten dollars (shipping not included) follow below.  Above Photo Credit


1. Arzu Studio Hope Peace Cord Bracelet – $10.00

Good look, great cause.

Parachute grade cord bracelet closed with authentic uniform buttons which are woven by women in Afghanistan.  Lots of guys don’t like the entire bracelet thing, but these look good and rugged, all while supporting a more than worthwhile project.  Standard button option goes for $10, while the upgrade with the dress insignia buttons for the different services go for $15.  More info on them here, as well as here when they were featured on The Today Show.  Find them on the web at peacecord.org.


2. Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby – the original jam sessions 1969 – $10.17

Jam indeed.

“Pure Jam, No Jelly”… That’s from the liner notes, and it’s dead on.  A pretty raw, but still smooth collection of jam sessions that the theme song to The Bill Cosby Show (not The Cosby Show) came out of.  Music sounds like the cover looks.  “Oh Happy Day” sounds like these guys have turned Mr. Rogers’ Trolly into a booze cruise.  “Jimmy Cookin’ on Top” has a Medeski Martin and Wood feel to it.  Seventeen cents over the $10 limit, but could ship free if you’ve got Prime and/or get to super saver shipping.


3.  Calibrate Navy Bird’s Eye Socks – $5.90 ($9.50)

Some pattern without getting goofy.

If you’re “supposed” to match your socks to your suit pants, and navy is the suit color of choice right now, boy it seems like a lot of us just don’t have enough navy or blue hued socks in our arsenals.  Black, grey, some tan in there, some brown… need more navy.  It elongates your legs and makes you look taller.  Part of the anniversary sale.  Ships free.


4. Saphir Chamoisine Shoe Polishing Cloth – $6.00 ($10)

Buff away fellas.

Of course you can use an old t-shirt.  But a true polishing cloth really can make a difference if you’re not in love with shining your shoes.  This thing is a real good size.  12″ x 20″ and incredibly soft.  Ships free through Maxton Men.


5.  Buckler Non-Alcoholic Brew – $6.00 – $9.00 / six pack

For when you’re expecting, or driving.

Hang with me here.  The key is to go into this not expecting a big, hops or malty booze explosion of beer awesomeness.  It’s a non alcoholic beer.  And some situations call for a non-alcoholic brew.  Maybe she’s expecting, you’ve reached your booze limit for the week, or you’re the designated driver.    But out of all the NA beers out there, this one tastes the most like actual beer.  Throw a lime in there on a hot summer day and it’s awfully close.  Made by Heineken, and y’know… actually prefer this to Heineken.  Something different to try the next time you’re staring down the glass of club soda and a lime all night.


6.  Mossimo 60/40 Cotton poly blend marled t-shirt – $9.99

Athletic fit and plenty durable.

95% of the time you don’t want unnatural fibers in your fabrics.  Think suiting.  But one of the exceptions to the rule seems to be t-shirts.  100% cotton tees can be heavy, bulky, and won’t have much stretch to them.  The 60/40 cotton poly blend tees from Target’s Mossimo are pretty close to perfect.  Marled fabric makes them plenty easy to wear on their own since they look less like underwear.  Cut is perfect.  They’ve got some stretch to them, and the sleeves hit just a touch above mid bicep.  (Color shown: “Emerald” which doesn’t appear to be available online.)


7. Pedag Washable Pure Terry Cotton Insoles – $7.18

Sockless but hate powder? These.

If you’re suffering from serious swamp foot, these could be your solution. Full marks to “guest” who suggested these over in the 7 Weapons in the War on Sweat post. Breathable cotton on top of perforated and grooved padding. Fully washable. Made in Germany. They run small, so order a size up. Again, thanks Guest.


8. Ocean’s Collection 4 DVD set – $9.99

“Do I look 50 to you?”  “Just from the neck up.”

Part of Target’s Black Friday in July week of deals.  We all have a favorite movie that we’ve watched a million times, yet still reach for when we want to unwind.  The Ocean’s 11 remake with George Clooney is a personal favorite.  In this set:  The Trilogy, plus the original starring the Rat Pack.  For under ten bucks.  Eeeeee-yo… EEEElehhhhvennn… (available through Amazon if you’ve got prime and don’t want to pop for shipping)


9.  Lorenzo Uomo Merino Blend Socks – $3.97 ($12.50)

Got to like the wool blend.

Meanwhile, in other sock news… Merino wool / nylon blend, made in Italy, nice fine stripe pattern, and since they’re at Nordstrom, they ship and return free.  Sure.  That’ll do.


10. Lands’ End Canvas Heritage Striped Chambray Work Shirt – $8.38 ($49.50)

Use OCEAN and pin 2012 for 30% off everything.

Hard to imagine these coming with slots for collar stays, but you might (might) be able to hack your own with a very, verrrrrry carefully cut slit on the underside of each collar point.  Or, just wear it without.  It’s a work shirt afterall.  Train Engineer type stripes.  Could look pretty good under a dark v-neck come fall.  Code OCEAN and pin 2012 takes 30% off everything, not just sale, and free shipping kicks in at $50.  Also available in solid blue or grey here.  Sizes S, M, and L available in both solid and stripes.

Your turn.  What’s your favorite recent ultra cheap purchase?  Keep it around $10, and leave them all below…