Style Debate: Are wool dress pants a waste of money?

Jump from chinos to suits?  Or believe in the trouser?

The Case AGAINST spending money on dress pantsWool dress pants, trousers, whatever you want to call them, they exist in a style no-man’s-land.  And it’s expensive real estate considering what they cost.  A full suit or well pressed cotton chinos can fill in during almost any situation you might reach for trousers.  If the situation is more dressed up?  Put on a suit and tone it down by going tieless or pair it with something like a chambray shirt and cotton tie.  If the situation is dressed down, break out the starch (go easy though) and make sure your cotton chinos are pressed and free of any noticeable wear.  Dress pants are what’s normally worn by the business casual set.   Invest in a suit and wear the pants separately if you’d’ like.  The next time that you’re thinking about buying a pair of dress pants… hold off.  Save up and spring for a new suit down the line instead.

The Case FOR having solo dress pants in your arsenal:  What are you wearing with your blazers & sportcoats in the fall and winter?  Just cotton chinos and jeans?  Wool trousers have always been a staple of men’s style.  While the rest of the world might default to jeans, a guy can look super sharp in a pair of wool trousers, a crisp shirt, and a sweater.  Wool trousers are also good for experimenting.  Stick to solid suits, maybe a pinstripe, but go bold with pants if you’re on a limited budget.  That way you’re not stuck with a plaid suit you won’t wear that often.

Your turn guys.  To the comments.  Do you own a bunch of dress pants?  Or do you stick to jeans, chinos, and then jump to suits?  Leave it all in the comments below.  Pants above:  Bonobos Aringabones – $87.50 w/ SALEBOAT