The Only Sneakers You’ll Need This Summer.

And they're only $29
PF Flyers “Basic Low Top Sneakers “- $29.00 ($50)

Available through  Sale expires 5/8/12.  W/ shipping = $34.95

UPDATE:  Sorry guys, they sold clear out this morning.  Lots of sizes were left… but… no more.

This is something of a surprise (sidenote: RIP cousin Goober The man loved him some lapels).  Usually PF Flyers sales on GILT look more like a footwear version of the island of misfit toys.  The styles are just flat out weird, and there’s usually not a standard classic American court sneaker amongst the lot.  There’s some odd ducks in this sale too, but these “Basic Low Top Sneakers” hit all the right points.

They’re a natural canvas color instead of retina searing white.  There’s some subtle bright color in there, but just barely, thanks to that baby blue thin stripe and green PF logo on the heel.  They’ll go with everything from shorts to chinos, jeans to polos, barely structured blazers with an un-ironed button-up, or dressed way down in their natural state with say, a pocket tee.

And they’re just under $35 shipped.  Not bad for what appears to be PF Flyers Center Lo minus the heel stripe.

From personal experience, PF Flyers seem to be much more comfortable than Chucks.  Level of cushioning & durability seems to be on par with Jack Purcells.  YMMV.  Again, sale is through Gilt.  Deal ends today, 5/8/12.

UPDATE #2:  They arrived.  They’re not as light as they are in the pics online.  They’re a little darker in person, and lean more towards grey than beige.  For under $30, I’ll be keeping mine and adding some white laces per Tim H’s tip in the comments.