Last Call Extra 35% off Spring Sale

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Extra 35% off sale expires 3/8/12.  FSANN4 gets you free shipping no minimum

Been what, less than a month since we did this? is a superior place to get high end stuff for reasonable prices, as long as you wait for one of these extra % off sales.  The free shipping code FSANN4 helps immensely as well.  Pile on top of that a bunch of new arrivals, and you’ve got a sale that helps prove why LastCall is making a strong case to be in this year’s Store Wars bracket.

Emporio Armani Watch – $94.25 ($175) | Blue Chrono – $175.46 via Amazon ($375)

Both are new arrivals.

Sure they’re both quartz, but the prices are awfully good for an entry level rectangular watch.  Especially for the blue chrono (which is $185 on LastCall, but it sure looks like the same watch is $10 less via Amazon.)  Does the blue chrono come with the rich brown leather strap?  Nope.  It comes with stainless steel links.  So the pic is a bit of crummy photoshop magic. Sure looks like it’ll look awesome with a warmer brown or burgundy strap.


Neiman Marcus Cashmere Blend Socks 2-pack – $16.00 ($50)

Now an extra 50% off.

These are actually 50% off.  Cashmere, viscose, and nylon.  Hand wash only.  Each pack comes with a a pair of argyle and a pair of solids with colored heels and toes.  Available in brown, grey, and black/burgundy.


Magnanni Handant Medallion Lace Up & Handant Wingtip – $194.35 ($395)

#1 and #3. Bit loafers? Not for everyone.

You’ve seen these before.  Under $200, made in Spain, and completely excels in that perfect for spring cognac shade of brown.  Sizes are starting to get low in the lace up.  plenty left in the wingtip.


Hugo Boss Pinstripe Flannel Wool/Cashmere… suit? – $487.50 ($995)

A little late for flannel, but c'mon.

Whoa.  Still a little pricey, but it’s a looker.  The question mark after “suit” is because when it hit the site, it was actually labeled just as “pants.”  But it sure seems to clearly be a suit, because you pick your jacket size.  Description says it has a “natural” waist.  Might need some re-working by your tailor.


 Ox & Bull Cat’s Eye Tube Cufflinks – $25.35 (brown) & $29.25 (green)

Not for the minimalists.

Not a lot of color, just a little.  And only 3/4 of an inch long, so they’re hardly intrusive.  Not everyone’s style by any stretch, but could be a good buy for those that favor french cuff shirts.


Kenneth Cole New York “Meet the Family” Lace-Up – $77.35 ($165)

Not gonna stop traffic.

Just a black dress shoe.  Nothing really to write home about.  Not a traditional rounded toe, but not chopped square either.  Somewhere in between.  Full 360 degree views over at Endless.  If you’re on a serious budget?  You could do a lot, lot worse for $77 shipped.


Bruno Magli Pastula Oxford – $185.25 ($395)

This 3/4 shot via Nordstrom

What’s with the stamped name branding on the side?  Other than that, solid for under $200.  Cap toe, medallion, and true oxford / closed lacing.  Made in Italy too.  The sole does have rubber inserts for traction.  Going for full price over at Nordstrom, where you can get a few different angles to look at.


Marc New York Travel Case – $25.35 ($55) | Irish Handkerchief 2 pack – $14.30 ($30)

Why, you could put the extra one of those -> in that <-

Travel season is coming.  So is mopping the brow season.  Be prepared amigos.

The Extra 35% off spring sale ends 3/8.  Know that you’re on the hook for returns.