40% off one item at LastCall.com

Four picks, each 40% off, but only if you buy only one.  Got that?

Lastcall.com 40% off 1 item Sale – Free shipping w/ FSANN3

And that’s free shipping no minimum.  No word on when that code expires.  40% off sale expires 8 a.m. central 1/25.

Looks familiar right?  That’s because we did just do this.  But that previous sale at LastCall was 30 – 50% off, with the vast majority of the items leaning towards 30%.  This one is 40% off with a few new items worth noting.  But the discount will only apply if you purchase just one item.  That’s one more reason not to go hog wild.  Ya dig?

Hugo Boss Matano Wingtip – $119.40 ($275)

Hakuna Matano. Pumbaa's pick for kicks?

Matano?  Never heard of it.  Looks like a pretty standard, sleek, Hugo Boss wingtip to me.  Unlike their more casual leaning Hankie (gesundheit), this one has regular eyelets and appears to have a bit more of a modern toe.  Chisel perhaps.  The description says it’s an “almond” toe, but who knows.  A reminder:  You’re on the hook for returns through lastcall.


Emporio Armani Chronograph – $129.00 ($275)

Nice hands Slim.

Emporio Armani can make (or more accurately, can have made for them) some gargantuan rectangular style watches.  This doesn’t appear to be one of them.  A watch in this style is supposed to be a little thinner than you’re used to.  At 31mm, this one won’t look right on a larger wrist, but for medium sized to smaller fellas, this might be a nice, awfully dressed up addition to the watch collection.


Neiman Marcus Leather Card Case in brown or black – $15.00 ($50)

So cheap, you'll have plenty left on the card you'll put in it.

For the guys who have been dragging their feet on getting a card case.  Fifteen bucks is as cheap as something that’ll be this simple and look this good will probably get.  Tonal stamped Neiman Marcus logo.  Made in Italy.  Even one of these should ship free with the code FSANN3.


Neiman Marcus French Cuff Pinpoint – $33.00 ($88)

Decent quality french cuff for cheap?

It ain’t easy finding a french cuff trim fit dress shirt.  (Well, this one has a full spread pushing cutaway and this one is about $60)  This find on lastcall doesn’t appear to be trim fit.  What it does appear to be, is cheap enough that investing in some tailoring at the sides won’t break the bank.  Does have a non-iron finish.  Some like that, and some don’t.


Bonus: Hugo Boss Pasolini Navy Suit – $345.00 ($795)

Now even cheaper.

Worth another mention.  Lots of sizes available for now, and while it’s not super fitted, it’s not a box either.  The Hugo Boss Pasolini is certainly a favorite for some.  Usually around $800.  Can be had in the low $500s during a big Nordstrom sale.  Now under $350 through Lastcall.

The Lastcall.com extra 40% off one item sale ends online at 8am c.t. on 1/25/12.