The Macy’s Men’s 4-Day Wardrobe Sale

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Macy’s Men’s Wardrobe Sale – Use code ULTIMATE

And for shopping in-store, grab a savings pass (warning, pdf) for 15 – 20% off.  Exclusions apply of course.

A Men’s Wardrobe sale at Macy’s is kind of like a One Day Sale.  But it’s just for us guys.  And it actually lasts four days instead of two.  Okay so it’s not really like a One Day Sale, but the markdowns are good to great and worth a look if you’re in the market for some new clothes.

Selection on-line vs. in-store is always going to vary, and don’t forget to take a savings pass with you if you’re headed to a brick and mortar.  Exclusions are unfortunately plentiful, discounts are all over the place, but with that said, there’s still plenty to pick from:

Nautica Wool Mix Peacoat – $99.99 ($250)

Probably the best $99 winter coat out there.

Just saw this in-person while researching for an upcoming best fall/winter coats post.  Unlike a lot of wool-mix peacoats, this one doesn’t feel flimsy.  It’s not super thick, but for $100 there are no complaints as far as construction.  Close at the sides but still has room for layers underneath.  Quilted interior and the perfect length for wearing over a suit jacket or blazer (meaning, it goes at least a few inches past your blazer but not all the way down to your knee.)  Slash hand pockets are a bonus.  Up close view here.  Size shown: Medium.
UPDATE:  So this is showing up as $159.99 with the code online.  Which is a big difference.  But their catalog clearly says $99.99.  Check in stores for that price. 


Calvin Klein Slim Fit Windowpane Plaid – $279.99 ($650)

A cold weather suit that's anything but dreary.

That pattern… is something.  It’s a plaid but the windowpane type squares really jump.  Deep charcoal in base color.  The catalog verbiage, albeit a bit cheezy, is right.  If you’re in a suit and tie world, an out of the ordinary suit like this will get you noticed for the right reasons.


Tommy Hilfiger Samson Wingtips – $84.15 ($99.99)

Returns in store free, but doesn't ship free.

Hilfiger shoe quality is another one of those mysteries.  But they’re under $90 so expectations should be low.  They won’t be passed on to future generations, but they could make a good casual shoe you can beat up for awhile.


Bar III Charcoal Wool and Grey Heathered Twill Slim Fit Blazers – $119.99 ($350)

Wool and a wool cotton mix.

Bar III is the latest Macy’s house brand that leans a little younger but still dressed up.  Not much of their stuff seems to have spread to all of their brick and mortar stores, so these might be an opportunity for some to try out the brand, but still return it to their local store for free if it doesn’t work out.  Something is awfully tempting about the wool.


Calvin Klein Scott Chukka – $93.49 ($125) and Warren Chukka – $106.25

Scott's on the left, Warren's on the right, Charles is in charge.

There’s not a lot of noticeable difference between these two other than colors available.  The Scott (brown) also come in a black leather.  They also might be a little thicker through the toe box.  The Warren come in black, charcoal, and navy suede, and they do happen to ship free.


American Rag Plaid Vest – $31.99 ($49.50)

Tucking the shirt in would help.

For those that like the waistcoat look.  The pattern is tough to pickup at first glance online, but the plaid is there.  Description says it’s cotton.  No word on what the back looks like?  Update:  Shuang in the comments reports that it’s got a poly back to it.  AND… he’s also not a fan overall.


Sperry Top-Sider Bahama 2-Eye Wool – $42.49 ($55)

Different and just $40.

For the guys who have a hard time stashing their boat shoes all winter.  Just as casual but with a warmer wool upper.  Leather laces and a contrasting white sole.


Tommy Hilfiger Slim Fit Oxford – $34.39 ($65.00)

Some love these, and some do not.

Some of you guys love these “Ithaca” slim fit oxford cloth shirts from Hilfiger.  And some out there don’t.  Here’s one review from Macy’  “I ordered this shirt believing it to be a slim fit cut, however it is not by any means. It is more a regular cut shirt… If you are slim and want flattering clothes, look elsewhere. This is a shirt that would be better suited for a 200-250 lb man instead of a 150 pound man. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Returning this shirt.”  Wait.  So, did he keep it?  A reminder:  Slim fit shirts still might require some tailoring.  That seems to be the case here.


Club Room Windowpane Cotton Sportcoat – $69.99 ($250)

Potential? Or Potentially huge?

Your tailor might have to hack the hell out of this since Club Room tends to run a little more traditional when it comes to silhouette, but it’s under $100 with a not easy to find windowpane on cotton.


Hilfiger Slim Fit Shawl Collar Tux Jacket & Pants$239.98 ($550)

Neither peak nor notch.

Shawl collar?  Wow.  Way to go Mr. Hilfiger.  Wasn’t expecting them to make a shawl collar tux available at Macy’s.  And just in case you don’t find yourself in too many situations that call for a shawl collar tux (or any kind of tux… I’m with you) their regular slim fit suit separates are on sale too.  (A note about this combination:  Looks like this tux, and the peak lapel are new without pants attached, but, there are Hilfiger Tux pants available.)


Calvin Klein Gunmetal Belt – $27.00 ($45)

It's a belt. That's, y'know, a belt.

Less is usually more when it comes to dress belts.  And a darker gunmetal will make it blend in a little more compared to a standard silver chrome buckle.  One of those reversible jobs, with a very dark brown on the reverse.

The Macy’s Men’s Wardrobe sale seems to go on into next week, but the online code ULTIMATE lasts just through the weekend.  Take a savings pass (pdf) with you for the extra discounts in store.  There are a ton of exclusions.