In Person: The Semi Affordable Flannel Suit

Old man winter can kiss your center vent.
L.L. Bean Signature Searsport Flannel Blazer and Pant – $320.00

Size shown:  38R.  Shirt by Blank Label.  Tie by Personality Milano.  Umbrella by Totes.  Suit ships free.

Between this and their New Traditional Twill suit, L.L. Bean Signature has the market cornered on suits that feel way too comfortable to be, y’know… suits.

Whoever sourced the fabric deserves a raise.  It’s a 79% Wool / 20% Nylon / 1% Lycra nubby blend that has some actual stretch to it.  To the touch it feels somewhat close to the J. Crew Factory Tweed, only not as rough.  And that 1% lyrca L.L.B.S. has mixed in makes a big difference.

Unlike the New Traditional Twill this one ditches patch pockets in favor of  more dressed up flaps.  It’s still a little dressed down at first glance, but nothing incredibly out of place if worn with a bright white dress shirt and conservative tie.

The weight of the fabric is heavier than normal suiting fabric, and it better be since it’s flannel.  It’s warm.  Very warm.  You’ll reach for it plenty between now and March if you live in a cold or damp climate.  If you’re in a border region where your local municipal garage hasn’t had more than one snowplow since your town became incorporated, then best to skip it.

Off the rack fit is very good.  Almost excellent.  The pic above and the back view here are both of the jacket pre-tailoring.  It’ll need to be nipped at the sides if you’re in good shape.  Like most L.L. Bean Signature jackets, the sleeves are a little long.  AND they’ve got the damn functional buttons, so tailoring will be tough.  But with a sweet striped inner lining, flipping those cuffs back might be more pleasure than pain if you work in a relaxed environment.  Shoulder padding is there, but not invasive.  The pants feel slimmed down compared to its twill suit cousin.

$320 isn’t cheap, but relative to other flannel suits, you’ll end up with plenty of bang for the proverbial buck.  Keep your fingers crossed for a sale.