Bloomingdale’s Men’s Sale – The Affordable Picks

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Sale prices are good through Sunday October 30th.  Join their email list for a 10% off code.

Taking a spin around Bloomingdale’s with a Kohl’s level budget requires a sale, maybe a code on top of that, and some discipline.  Two of the three are covered below, so if you’re a little weak in the “I don’t know if I should really spend money on this” department, feel free to take out your wallet and chuck it across the room.

Plenty of their Men’s department has been marked down, and an extra 10% can be knocked off if you join their email list.  That extra 10% is reflected in the prices below, but know that your code may take “up to three business days” to arrive in your inbox.  You get a welcome email, and then after that a 10% off code.  The sale ends 10/30, so if you’re really interested in something, you might end up s.o.l. on this extra 10% off pricing.

Red Wing Iron Ranger – $176.40 ($290) | Frye Dakota – $112.14 ($178)

Two impressive boots.

Two well respected boots marked way, way down. Especially the Iron Ranger. It’s tough to find Red Wings for an affordable price, and while $176 is no small bill to pay, they are made in the USA and built to last a lifetime.
UPDATE:  Bloomingdale’s doesn’t have the right pic for the color on the Red Wings.  They’re showing the much darker Amber color while apparently selling the Hawthorne brown, which is much lighter.  The correct pic is over at NordstromiconMany thanks to Rett for the catch.  And know that both of these boots won’t ship for a bit.  Credit Brock for noticing that. 


Levi’s Coated Military Jacket – $101.25 ($150)

Coated cotton = poor man's leather jacket.

That dark line between the left shoulder epaulet and the neck is actually the end pull on a zipper.  There’s a hood stowed in the collar, and that zipper pull almost makes it look like the epaulet makes some freakish jump up to the neck.  But it doesn’t.  Looks like a much more expensive version of this.


Barbour Liddelsdale Slim Fit Jacket – $93.87 ($149)

Cord collar and quilted.

For those who’d like something a little different than the standard utility type jackets or the short jackets like the Levi’s seen above.  Quilted and slim fit.  Sorta like this with sleeves.


The Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s White Dress Shirt & Gingham – $50.09 ($79.50)

Slimmer fit too.

You know a department store’s house brand has a good reputation when they don’t need to come up with some odd name to cover up the fact it actually is a house brand.  Expensive even on sale, but comes in an updated “contemporary” fit.  The gingham is about as small as gingham gets.


Bloomingdale’s Satin Stripe Tie – $39.49 $59.50)

Someone send one to Shannon Sharpe

Not a lot of risk in these.  A wider 3″ but not gigantic either.  The key with striped ties is to keep the number of colors from getting out of control.  Same goes for the width of the stripes.


To Boot New York “Aaron” Oxford – $185.85 ($295)

Sleeker than an Allen Edmonds.

Sadly only available in black, but a rare under $200 price for maybe the best looking dress shoe out there.  Full in person over here.  Made in Italy, and as good as it gets when it comes to a modern shape and classic details.


To Boot New York Lucca – $185.85 ($295)

Sorry double fans. Just one buckle here.

Not a double monk, but a single with what looks to be the identical sleek but not too pointed shape of the Aaron.  Also under $200 if you get a 10% off code.


Bloomingdale’s Camel and Red Block Scarves – $30.38 ($45.00)

From their in-house line.

They’re not wool but instead acrylic, but it all depends on what  kind of color you want to add to your winter coat.  Either of these will brighten up your neck without going overboard.


Waterproof Options:  Cole Haan Chukka – $143.64 ($228) | Tretorn Sub – $47.25 ($75)

Rain rain... bring it on.

Given the texture of your suit (think heavier like flannel) you might be able to get away with wearing the Cole Haan’s all day.  The Tretron on the other hand… probably not.


Jack Spade Dipped York Brief – $154.35 ($245)

Would you carry it?

This would make for an interesting “would you carry it?” segment.  Not real traditional, but that’s what Jack Spade excels at.  Canvas bag, waxwear handles, and dipped in latex so the bottom is waterproof.  Not your Dad’s attache.  On sale in the black and the much lighter grey.


Ralph Lauren Reversible Belt – $40.95 ($65) | Centerbar Belt – $53.55 ($85)

Not dress belts.

Both certainly lean casual and expensive too.  At least with the reversible belt you get two for one when it comes to colors.  The centerbar belt has you paying for the distinctive buckle.


Small Leather Travel Case – $18.90 ($30)

Nothing more than what you need.

For the minimalists who just want something to put their toothbrush and razor in when traveling, but would rather not resort to a Zip-Loc.  Under $20 but shipping is a pain.