Style Debate: When suited, belt or beltless?

Rethinking the habit of always reaching for a belt.
Indochino Classic Navy Blue Suit – $349.00 | Ultimate Grey Suit – $369.00

The case for Wearing a Belt:  Why would you not wear a belt?  Empty belt loops look plenty odd if they’re not in use.  It’ll be assumed that you just forgot to put a belt on before you left the house.  Besides, a belt is an accessory.  Last things on, first things to get noticed.  A belt gives you a quiet opportunity to show some more of your style.  Even if it’s minimalist and subtle.

The case for Not Wearing a Belt Who’s seeing your unused belt loops?  Your jacket would cover them up.  A belt can just weigh you down.  Especially if it’s ill fitting, you’ve lost or gained weight, and you’re between holes.  Sure you could punch an extra hole in your belt, but when you’ve got a tailor or even options like slick side tabs (seen here) why bother?  Suits are tailored clothing.  Your pants should fit well enough that they don’t need to be held up by a belt.  A belt that’s too tight will only rumple up your waist band.  A belt that’s too loose will droop and look silly.  No time like the present to break free of the hip leather.

Time to pick a side.  Have you ever tried going beltless with a favorite suit?  Or, would you just feel like something is missing?  Leave it all below.  Belt Shown:  Calvin Klein Reversible Gunmetal Dress Belt – $32.99, which can often be found at Macy’s.  (Note:  These side tabs can be found under the “advanced” options  from Indochino.)