The Summer Suit Search – Hilfiger Chambray Linen

The Summer Suit Search – Hilfiger Chambray Linen
Tommy Hilfiger Trim Fit Chambray & Linen Suit – $249.99

Light colored summer suits have a limited use. No matter how well tailored, they just don’t look right in December.   But while Medium Gray, Charcoal, and Navy suits are the foundation, light & breathable summer suits look & feel pretty damn good from April – early September. Our search for the best affordable summer suiting options is on, and you can send in your suggestions via styletip.

This one’s unique, and this is how chambray should look.  Think of a summer suit and you’ll most likely picture one in khaki colored chino.  Instead of the lighter glass smooth khaki chino, the designers at Hilfiger have gone with a slightly rough, darker grey/blue cotton chambray for 64 % of the fabric.  The other 36% is linen that really compliments the texture.  Not what you’d expect, and hasn’t been seen anywhere but Overstock.

Half lined to keep cool

The Pros
  • The Weight: It’s plenty lightweight for the warmer months but still has enough depth that it’s no flimsy all linen cheap-o.
  • The Color & Texture : A true medium shade with plenty of grey and blue tones.  The fabric has a slightly rough feel to it, but that’s hardly a bad thing.  It feels tough and relaxed all at the same time.
  • The Armholes & Sides: Armholes are high.  Good and high.  Sides are well scalloped and it might be possible to get away without tailoring the 38R (seen here) on my 5’9″-10″ 165-170lb frame.
  • The Lapels and Button Stance:  Everything about the shape of this suit is trim and classic.  The lapels aren’t too skinny, the buttons not too high… it’s a pretty impressive silhouette.
  • The Price: $250 is right in the target price-range for plenty of us.  You could easily wear this year round.  Watch yourself though, only available through Overstock and word is their return policy can get a little iffy.
The Cons
  • The Color: Yep, it’s a pro and a con.  As unique and downright slick as this grey/blue is… it’ll absorb the sun’s rays much faster than a khaki/almost white option.  You’ll break a sweat in this if it’s above 85.
  • The Shoulder Pads: All Hilfiger Trim Fit suits have shoulder pads that are a little more pronounced.  This is no exception.  Not a bad thing, but it looks more formal/business ready than most cotton or linen suits.
  • The Pant Waist: Good grief that’s a tight 32.  A 32 usually has to be brought in for me.  But the 32 on this is real snug.  Survivable snug, but snug for sure.  Take that into consideration before, uh, considering.
The Bottom Line

Impressive.  Enough so that it’s bumping the B.R. Italian Chino from the top spot.  This thing, as the kids would say, is legit.  Not the smartest choice if you live in the desert.  But if you live in a temperate climate?  It’s as sharp as a cotton/linen suit gets.  The color lets you pick any tie & shoe combo, and you’ll stand out from the sea of khaki chino.

Current Best Summer Suit Standings

Best Dressed Up: Tommy Hilfiger Chambray/Linen
Best Dressed Down: L.L. Bean Signature New Traditional Twill
Best Ultra Cheap Option: INC Grey Cotton linen blend

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