The Best of Lands’ End Canvas New Arrivals – Fall 2011

The Best of Lands’ End Canvas New Arrivals – Fall 2011
First Fall Looks – Lands End Canvas

Hang on to your wallets.  When Lands’ End Canvas and L.L. Bean Signature both launched around the same time a few years back, a new word was coined:  JCrewization.  Both of these sub brands, born of of larger, heritage, wider fitting and older leaning outfitters, slimmed down and got younger.  While L.L. Bean Signature started out with their prices high, Lands’ End Canvas somehow was able to keep their prices Old Navy Levels.  Brace yourselves for a bit of a change.

If the prices on the new fall items are any sign,  be prepared to wince like the the lights just got flipped on at bar time.  Because this L.E.C. low price party could very well be over.  See for yourself with some of the picks:

Weathered Fleece Cardigan – $79.50

This + high of 45 + couch = nap.

It’d be hard to call this type of garment a necessity, but having a thicker than any of your other sweaters, slightly bulky, mock neck or shawl collar cardigan comes in real handy when the leaves start to fall off the trees.  Ribbed collar and placket, nice looking buttons, and old school elbow patches.


Vintage Chino Belt – $39.50

Has a look-alike out there.

Looks a lot like this.  Doesn’t it?  The strap is only 1 1/8″ wide, and the buckle isn’t much wider, so don’t expect some big honkin’ thing.  They call it a chino belt, but it should hold your jeans up just as well.  Made from Italian leather.


Nailhead Oxford Blazer – $99.50

Could be better than good.

This should do nicely and the price is certainly reasonable.   A nice medium blue in an oxford cloth that should pair much, much easier with jeans than their chambray blazer from this summer. Patch pockets, and you have to think it can’t have much structure to it since it’s oxford fabric.  Functional button holes persist, so if the sleeves are long on you, your tailor is going to have issues.  Can’t imagine it’s as fitted as pictured through the sides.


French Terry Shawl Collar Sweater – $49.50

Terry fabric won't be everyone's favorite.

Not for everybody.  The description reads: “it doesn’t get more laid back than this.”  And the terry ultra soft fabric will guarantee that.  But, if you’re a risk taker, attempt to pair it with a thick, white oxford button down and a black knit tie.


Autumn Orange Windowpane Poplin – $49.50

Done in by the Morie Effect again.

Orange, usually reserved for leaves and pumpkins, is going to be splashed all over clothing the fall.  A shirt with a balanced, uniform pattern shirt is a subtle way to work that particular color in.


Wool Argyle Tie – $49.50 (reg. $79.50)

Ivy League style. And price.

Wait, was eighty bucks?  Good grief.  Now just a shade under $50.  Which is the threshold they usually have for free shipping.  Ouch.  Looks great but… ouch.


Orange Plaid and Nailhead Pocket Squares – $9.50

Single digits.

Consider these a budget palate cleanser.  When they run a sale, they’re nice and cheap.  Might be a good thing to keep in mind if you’re looking to cap a free shipping threshold at some point.

What’s your take on the new prices?   Is it the expected maturation of the brand’s clout?  A blip since they’re new arrivals?  More proof that costs are up and prices are rising everywhere?  Leave it below in the comments section.