A better shave? Bluebeards Revenge Test & Review

A better shave?  Bluebeards Revenge Test & Review
Bluebeard’s Revenge Shaving Cream – $25.95

Editor’s Note:  I (the Joe guy) haven’t been clean shaven in two years.  So when the makers of Bluebeard’s Revenge contacted us asking if I’d like to try it out, I said: “No.  But Ben, our Arts & Culture Correspondent has to be clean shaven every day.  So send it to him.”  So they did, and his review is below  Heads up:  Bluebeard’s was created for guys w/ especially rough beards and contains an ingrediant inteded to slow stubble growth.

By: Arts & Culture Correspondent Ben Madeska

I’m really not a good shaver.  Learning to shave, my goal was always how to make it as quick and easy as possible while minimizing blood loss.  It has been something I do reluctantly, a rather unnecessary step slowing down my morning routine.  I also think blades are overpriced, but that’s another issue.

Eventually I accepted that razor burn and frequent cuts along my jaw were as unprofessional as two days of growth.  I don’t like the results of electric razors and I wasn’t planning on entering the world of brush and lather because I didn’t want to add more time and complications.  So, I was ambivalent about trying Bluebeard’s Revenge.  After a few weeks of use, though, I’m a convert.  This is a great product and it gives me a much better shave than I ever got with the various foams and gels I tried.  Razor burn is non-existent and I don’t remember the last time I nicked myself.

Bluebeard’s Revenge is a cream, not a soap, and it lathers up extremely well.  A little goes a long way and gives a thick, long-lasting cover.  It has a nice, simple, clean smell too (I’ve been told I smell like a barbershop after using it).  About the only thing I don’t like is that it has an ingredient that is supposed to inhibit hair growth.

I’m still not a good shaver and I’m sure I’m not using this entirely properly, but Bluebeard’s Revenge is forgiving enough of a product that I’m still getting excellent results.

Time to turn the shave connoisseur community loose.  What’s the best entry-level upgraded shave cream for the money?  And if you have an extra thick beard, would you want something that slows growth?  Leave it all below.