Before & After: The B.R. Micro Stripe Blazer, now 30% off

Before & After: The B.R. Micro Stripe Blazer, now 30% off
Banana Republic Tailored Blazer – $105.00 w/ code BR12HOURS

Regular price is $150.  Code only good from Noon ET – 11:59pm ET on Thursday 6/9/11

The camera might add ten pounds, but a good tailor will make you look like you lost twenty.  You’re looking at the exact same 40R Banana Republic Tailored Fit Blazer, but on the left it’s straight off the rack.  The right side is post tailoring, when some much needed shape was given to an already pre-sculpted jacket.  Here’s the vitals:

  • Height: 5’9″-10″, Weight: Between 165-170lbs
  • Wear a 31-32 waist in jeans and trousers
  • Have jackets hanging in my closet that are listed at 38R, 39R, 40S, and 40R.
  • I like to exercise, have an unusually large torso, and some thickness in the shoulders.

While I usually wear a 38R in Banana Republic’s roomier “Modern” fit, there’s no chance of squeezing my shoulders into anything less than the 40R in the tighter “Tailored” line.  This jacket in the 40R fit my shoulders perfectly, but even with my wider torso, I just had way too much room in the middle.

Getting pinned up.  Like seeing a preview of the finished product.

Pretty straight forward job.  I took it to my (incredible) tailor, she “pinned me up” at the sides, and I gave it the ol’ hug test.  I crossed my arms as if I was going to hug someone, didn’t feel much if any pull, took it off, and handed it to her.

It’s not quite Dom Deloise to Hulkamania, but the final shape is well worth the money.  Even after taking in the sides a good amount, it’s still perfectly comfortable thanks to the shoulder fit and high enough armholes.

The jacket is 100% cotton, has a micro stripe that you can’t see unless you’re within a few feet, looks light blueish-grey otherwise, and comes with non functional button cuffs.  Works terrific with jeans and just as well with chinos.  Great to wear now since it’s hot but isn’t limited to summer use by any stretch.  Sizes are getting scarce.

Use the code BR12HOURS for 30% off your entire purchase (sale too) between Noon and 11:59pm ET today (6/9).