Crowning a new affordable polo champ

Crowning a new affordable polo champ
The Best Affordable Polo:  Target Mossimo Athletic Fit Marled 60/40 Polo – $9.99

Note: The Express Signature is on sale right now for $23.94

Brace yourselves because you’re about to read something that won’t make a lot of sense:

Embrace the blend.

Sometimes polyester is a good thing.

Before many of you crap a bucket of tenpennies, know that some cotton/poly blends can feel just as good as cotton if not a little smoother.  My own personal favorite t-shirt is a 50/50 blend, and it feels better than cotton.  When it comes to these polos and their 60% cotton / 40% poly blend specifically, the synthetic adds an amount of stretch and durability that’s almost identical to The Express Signature.

The Mossimos used to be 100% cotton and the switch to the 60/40 poly blend wasn’t welcomed at first.  Okay, sorta bagged on it a little.  But then I bought one and wore it for a few weeks.  They’re incredible & beat out the Express in three areas:

1. The Fit:  Even more trim than the Signature.  See below for the evidence.

2. The Buttons:  Something about the Express button spacing can feel off.  Leave two buttons undone and if you’ve got chest hair, you’re pale, or both, it looks odd.  One less button on the Mossimo = perfect.

3. The Price: Ten bucks?  Are you kidding?

The only real downside is the Mossimo solid polos seem to be 100% cotton.  Maybe the marled look is a result of the polyester being blended in, but if you’re in an environment casual enough for a polo, a little marling should be fine.

Is it Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson?  No.  But move over Express, there’s a new champ in town.

Your thoughts?  Would you wear a $10 polo?  Leave it all below…

The fit is even more trim and the placked doesn’t open as deep.