Express Tier Sale – The Under $200 Suits

Express Tier Sale – The Under $200 Suits

EXPRESS Buy more / Save More Sale – Use Code 1307

Code 1299 works too.  Thanks to Shuang for noticing that the suits were already on sale.  Expires 4/17

Most of you guys know how this works.  Express runs these tiered coded sales, you break a threshold, drop the code in before checkout, and the discount gets applied.  What’s extra nice about this one, is that they’re currently running a 25% off suits sale as well.  Throw the code 1307 on top of the sale prices, and you can get a relatively decent modern fit suit for a song.  These are the couple worth singing about:

Express Cotton Twill 2-Button Suit Jacket & Matching Pant$143.42 (reg. $257.90)

As good as $150 seems to get.

Under $150?  If it would stick around on sale longer, this option would take the top spot in the “dirt cheap” category in our Summer Suit search.  Previously reviewed over here.  One reviewer on said he was seeing fabric breakdown after one dry cleaning.  Try to avoid dry cleaning and get it pressed instead.


Express Pinstripe Cotton/Silk Blend Suit Jacket & Matching Pant$184.50 (reg. $346)

One of the few dark summer suit options.

So you want a dark suit that’s not wool (and certainly not polyester) for summer.  This one, which is 80% Cotton and 20% silk could be a great choice.  Doesn’t feel like chino thanks to the silk, but it’s not wool feeling either.  It does feel comfortable to the touch and when you put it on.  Previously reviewed over here, and waiting for a sale was suggested.  Well… here’s a sale.


Express Wool Blend Suit Jacket & Matching Pant$184.50 (reg. $346)

Almost identical color as the Indochino Ultimate Grey

If you don’t have the cash flow for an Indochino Ultimate Gray or even a Hilfiger Trim fit or Alfani Red, this is a more than reasonable substitute.  Not 100% wool, but 70% with the rest being poly.  It feels pretty good in your hands and looks better than expected off the rack.  Arm holes aren’t super high, but aren’t low like the Alfani Red either.  Most men buy a charcoal grey as their go-to suit.  A medium to light grey like this one is a better choice.

The code 1307 and 1299 for the Express $25 off $75, $50 off $150, and $75 off $250 sale expire 4/17