The Best of Fossil – shoes, bags, watches & seltzer bottles?

The Best of Fossil – shoes, bags, watches & seltzer bottles?

The Best of Fossil – Clothes, shoes, bags… and of course watches.

Fossil hasn’t gotten a whole lot of play here on this site.  For the longest time it leaned a little too young.  A little to loud.  A little too risky.  And there’s still a lot of Fossil items that do that.  But the brand has done some serious growing up, and even taken a page from J. Crew (and at this point, who hasn’t?)

Even if you dismissed Fossil long ago, and even if you’re pushing 40, know at the very least that Fossil has changed.  They might be in the process of changing even more.  What follows are some possible examples of how how they’ve changed for the better.  Free shipping on purchases over $100.

Fossil Decker Chronograph Black with Brown Strap – $105.00

Nice combination of casual colors.

A black dial brown leather strap watch can absolutely work.  Especially if the leather strap is a lighter cognac leaning version like the decker chronograph you see above.  The hands look to be green, which might be a step too far for some, but at 44mm in diameter, it’s not like the thing is subtle anyway.

Fossil Carson Mid Boat Shoe – $98.00

Certainly not a casual/sneaker hybrid.

Nice looking full grain leather, nice contrast padded ankle, great white sole.  Grommets, boat shoe silhouette…  Who knew Fossil had it in them.  Reminiscent of the Land’s End Canvas three eye Moc.  The little metal logo on the side takes a bit away though.

Fossil Finds: Vintage Seltzer Bottle – $45.00

A seltzer bottle?

Here comes the J. Crewification.  Only since this is Fossil, their vintage finds are actually affordable.  It’s surprising that they’d spend web space on “favorite vintage and vintage inspired finds.”  Especially when some of these things are actually vintage,  one of a kind, and priced incredibly cheap. Like the Seltzer bottle.  Just one of those.  Who knows what antique shop or estate sale someone at Fossil found it at… but for $45?  If you like seltzer?  That’s a hell of a good looking bottle.

Fossil Tablet Sleeve – $35.00

Even after you buy an iPad, you could still afford it.

Kenneth Cole was selling a similar wool-made version before the holidays.  This one has a suede interior, and costs half as much.  Not sure if the fabric is wool or not.

Fossil Green Nylon Chronograph – $95.00

Beefier for a nylon strap

The Decker in a slightly different form. The description on the Fossil website says this version is 42mm (still medium, but heading towards large), and it’s equipped with a now you-can-find-it-everywhere nylon strap. Also available on Amazon for $63.16, but it’s via a third party seller and your purchase won’t be fulfilled by Amazon.

Fossil Wagner Duffel – $128.00

The Fossil classic

Fossil’s flagship of their affordable line of bags.  Good size, a more than fair price, and a waxed canvas exterior that blends in but still looks like a huge upgrade compared to a Reebok gym bag.

Fossil Straight Vintage Denim – $59.99 (reg. $98)

Made in the USA

Who knew Fossil made jeans in the U.S.?  Kidding… a lot of you did, and I learned that very fact when we gave away the pair of Todd Shelton’s not too long ago.  The fabric is imported, but they’re made in the U.S.  Usually $100, on clearance for around $60, and sizes are pretty limited.

Your turn.  Have a take on the Fossil Brand?  Leave your reaction in the comments section below.