Dappered Classics: How to Roll Up Your Sleeves

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How To Roll Up Your Sleeves – The Italian Way.

Originally published 6/16/2010

For as great as our President can look when he’s dressed to the nines, the guy sure does struggle when it comes to loosening the collar and relaxing a bit.  The man still tucks his t-shirt into his sweatpants when he plays basketball.  Anyway…

See the President’s roll up there?  Don’t do that.  The guy looks like he has a cotton bagel halfway down his forearm.  Here’s what you want to do:

  • Unbutton the cuff.
  • Grab the edge of the cuff and flip the whole cuff back.
  • Allowing your sleeve to turn inside out along the way, drag the cuff slowly up past your elbow until the now bottom seam of the cuff is in your elbow pit.
  • Fold the extra 3-5 inches of exposed inside-out sleeve up to “lock in” the cuff.
  • Done.

You’ve got a cuff right above your elbow that’s not going anywhere.  It’s amazing how well this looks and works.

Need a new dress shirt to do this with?  Try the Alfani Red Tonal Stripe, or the DKNY Fitted Stripe.

Step 1: Flip.  Step 2: Drag.  Step 3: Flip and lock in.

Step 1: Flip. Step 2: Drag. Step 3: Flip and lock in.