$100 off Indochino with coupon code: Dappered.com

$100 off Indochino with coupon code: Dappered.com

Indochino Sale: $100 off any suit $349 and up with code: Dappered.com

A lot of you seem to be on the fence about buying a custom made suit from Indochino.  I have yet to purchase one myself, and I was skeptical when I first heard about them.  But you’ve got to give the guys at Indochino credit, because from now until Friday October 22nd they’re knocking $100 off their most popular suits.  All in an attempt to turn some of you into believers.

Any suit that runs $349 or more will be discounted by a flat $100 with the coupon code: Dappered.com

Put Dappered.com in at checkout, and they’ll cut your bill by $100.  That’s a pretty hefty number, and a bigger discount than I’ve seen anywhere else.  Credit to them for also throwing this deal out on a site (that’d be this one) where the users leave tactful, but still raw and honest feedback.  That’s pretty gutsy on their part.

Here’s a sample of what you can get for $100 off with this coupon code:

Classic Navy Blue Suit – $249 (reg. $349) | Essential Charcoal Suit – $249 (reg. $349)

Two modern classics at department store prices.

At $250 you’re looking at a custom fit suit with what appears to be an incredibly modern silhouette, for the same price as an on-sale Alfani RED at Macy’s.  And the Alfani RED you’d have to get tailored.  These?  Maybe not.  And if you do?  They’ll cover up to $75 in re-tailoring fees.  More on that later, but if these move through the arms as well as they look on the web?  (Meaning, arm holes that are good and high).  Then we’ve got something here.

Light Gray Three Piece – $319 (reg. $419) | Odysseus Grey Pinstripe – $349 (reg. $449)

Two options that'll draw stares. The good kind.

The light gray-two button is the upgrade for guys who have grown tired of their well worn charcoal suit.  The vest just ads a real nice extra touch.  A dark three-piece can look a little too heavy sometimes, but a light gray still looks athletic through the chest.  Don’t want the vest?  Get it without for $269.  The pinstripe Odysseus is all business but not boxy.  Boardroom ready at just under $350.

Walker Navy Tweed – $299 (reg. $399) | Midnight Blue tux – $279 (reg. $379)

Two blues. Very different, but both blue.

Tweed.  Navy tweed.  Wintry, tough, tweed.  And the killer lining is a nice bonus.  Under $300 for the fabric of the season.  The midnight blue Tux?  That’s some style bravado.  And if you feel like blending in a little more at your next black-tie event, the rest of their tuxes are available for the discount too.

The Final Few Notes

Remember that they do offer a $75 local re-tailoring credit if it doesn’t fit perfect right out of the box.  If it’s off so much that it can’t be altered to fit, they’ll remake you a new one.  If you just don’t want to bother, they’ll refund you your money.  Big and tall guys?  They’ll take care of you too.  Just plug in your measurements and put them to work.

So call your tailor.  Grab a measuring tape if you want to do it yourself.  And feel free to share the code.  There’s no limit on how many people can use it, just try and come on back and leave a comment on your experience.  Whether you take it or leave it, one thing’s for certain.  The clock’s ticking.  For you and for Indochino.

The Dappered.com Indochino code is set to expire on Saturday October 23rd.
Need a tape measure? The first 50 customers to use the code 256191 over here get a free one…

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