Ask A Woman: Meet Beth

Ask A Woman: Meet Beth

Ask A Woman: Meet Beth

You might think those shoes look great, but she thinks they’re bland.  You might be convinced the earrings you bought her will knock her socks off, but she ends up quietly wishing you would have given her… socks.  When does chivalry become annoying?  Are red roses old and tired?  Does she hate your facial hair?  There’s an endless number of questions that demand a woman’s perspective, and now you can get one through us.

Her name is Beth and she’s, you guessed it, a woman.  She’s also honest, genuine, and ready to represent the fairer sex.  If you’ve got a question that needs the female treatment, chances are you’re not the only one who wants to ask it.  We’ll post some questions and her responses each Thursday. And don’t worry, your identity will be protected too.  Get in touch with Beth by sending her an email at:

Now let’s get to know her.

Any hesitation with being barraged by emails from random guys?
None at all–I think it’s great when men invest time and interest into what they wear.  I wish more men did.

Say you’re sitting at a nice bar enjoying a drink.  Is it a cocktail, glass of wine, or beer?
It’s probably an Absolut gimlet.

Say you’re enjoying your gimlet, & a decent looking guy walks up and offers to buy you a drink.  Too cliche?
That’s a classic move; I don’t think it will ever go out of style.  It’s certainly better than staring at a woman for two hours and never making a move.

Your favorite article of dressed-up clothing is…
A great pair of red heels.

Your favorite article of dressed-down clothing is…
For serious dressing-down (like a night on the couch) I like enormous sweatpants paired with an enormous sweatshirt.  Doesn’t that paint a pretty picture?

What do you think as a woman, when you see a man who has put some care into how he presents himself?
Caring about what you put on your body is a form of self-respect.  People have been interested in style, and have used style to communicate things about their lifestyles, personalities, and backgrounds, for centuries, probably longer.  It’s a way to tell the world (and yourself) that you care about who you are.  I see confidence and self-respect when I see a well-groomed, well-dressed man.  (By the way, this doesn’t necessarily mean a man in a suit–you can be well-dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweater.)

What do you think as a woman, when you see a man who has put too much care into how he presents himself?
All things in moderation, right?  We’ve all seen a woman or man walk into a room, looking fantastic for a split-second…and then s/he begins to fidget.  She flips her hair every five seconds; he smooths away every wrinkle on his shirt every time he moves; she’s applied way too much spray tan and looks orange; he is more interested in catching his reflection in the window than in making eye contact with you.  When style or grooming becomes a distraction instead of something beautiful or flattering or compelling, it’s gone too far.  It says narcissism and shallowness.

Diamonds, pearls, or something else?
Pearls.  Diamond shapes, colors, and cuts fluctuate with trends, but pearls are always classic.

What percentage of men can actually pull off a gold watch without looking extremely cheesy?
Yellow gold?  You have to be very old or very tan to pull off such a big piece of yellow gold jewelry.  If you insist on wearing a yellow gold watch (and you are neither an octogenarian nor of Spanish descent), it should be a muted gold color, more champagne than daffodil.

Do women really look at a man’s shoes?
YES.  I once heard a woman say she was looking for two things in a man–good teeth, and great shoes.

What’s your pick for the worst male fashion or grooming trend from the last 20 years?
I can only pick one?  I guess I would have to pick something from the vast array of hair crimes that have been perpetrated on the public’s delicate eyes: the rat tail, the mullet (btw, there is no such thing as a fashion mullet, fellas, so don’t be sporting one in 2010), the Kurt Cobain greaser, the Christian Siriano (you have to be a gay fashion designer or a parrot in order to pull off that spiky crest of nonsense on the top of your head).

What’s an article of clothing that every man should have in his closet?
A pair of flattering, well-fitting, in-style jeans.

Seems like guys have it easier when it comes to dressing well.  What’s the toughest part about being a woman and getting dressed?
Most articles of clothing that flatter or are fashion-forward are also uncomfortable or not practical for a typical day.  I wear a lot of outfits with a belt cinched around my middle to define my waist.  Looks awesome, feels…not-so-awesome when you’re sitting for several hours at a time and you have a band of leather digging into your side.

Don’t be modest now.  When men pay you a compliment, they’re most likely to compliment your…
I’m 5’8″ so men most often comment on my height.  I also have dark, thick eyebrows (think Jennifer Connelly, not Groucho Marx) which garner a lot of compliments.  And my striking wit, of course.  😉

You sure you still want to do this?
Bring it on.


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