1. Dear Joe,Crewneck sweaters with the alma mater on it are still cool right? Sincerely,Early to mid 20s 

  2. I know you meant crew neck THERMAL instead of crew neck sweatshirt, right?  Thrift store blazer is always a good option though, nice work.

    I have a button down neck hoodie from L.E.C. that I wear all the time…couldn’t give up the hoodie so easily…and I agree,  wearing a collar shirt underneath it definitely makes you look more presentable.  

    Are guys actually wearing the shawl necks?  Every time I see someone with one it’s always…weird.

  3. I saw a Mossimo shawl in Target the other day similar to the ON one for about $15 less. There was only one size remaining though (L) and for some reason I can’t seem to find it online. 

  4. Heh nice post. I’m not sure I like my hoodie enough to pay to take it in at the sides and make the sleeves more narrow, but I think he pulls off the look well.

    I also like the mock neck and thrift store blazer idea above.

    Well timed post Joe. I was just looking through my closet this weekend to decide what to donate/purge and my hoodie was something I haven’t worn in over a year (it’s one size too big).

  5. To me thats not “Making the hoodie work”…All those pictures look terrible.  Its like he wants to hang onto both sides of the spectrum. Relaxed hoodie casual and then dressed up clean cut casual. That is faaaar from making it work. Too trendy. 

  6. You know, I haven’t worn a hoodie in ages. Even in college I didn’t wear them often. Mostly because they are so bulky and don’t layer very well, and also because it’s such a pain to take them on and off. I don’t enjoy flashing the whole room while struggling to pull a hoodie off. Instead I end up wearing my REI fleece jacket, which serves the same purpose, but is at least a little more fitted, lacks the bulky hood, and comes on and off easily.

    But I picked up the J.Crew Factory cord blazer a few weeks back and I’m excited to start using that in place of my fleece jacket (at least in public). It’s rumply enough that I don’t feel like a tool buttoning it all the way up and turning the collar up. I’m not sure how it will fit under my winter jackets but I guess we’ll see.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a hoodie…I didn’t feel cool enough in middle/high school (I dunno what my thought process was) and I hated the look by the time I got to college.

  8. If “making the hoodie work” means dressing up every other part of the outfit to compensate, count me out.

  9. I, too, have yet to embrace the shawl neck sweater phenomenon. Like Joe and hats… I like them… just not on me. Yet.

  10. I just picked up the LL Bean signature hoodie last week (they call it the Eastport Sweatshirt), it has a nice slim fit and avoids that normal frumpy sweatshirt look.

  11. I don’t get the shawl collar.  It seems to look good on athletes and movie starts that are in superhuman shape, but when I see one on a normal schmoe it just looks off.  Not sure if I’ve just seen people with the wrong size or what. 

  12. Completely understood there are those who love themselves their hoodies.  And more power to you.  Now, speaking of dead cold fingers, I’ve never understood burying someone in a nice suit.  A hoodie on the other hand…

  13. Steve McQueen wore them.  To me, that means they are most definitely not effeminate.  It all depends on the man within.

  14. I grabbed the same one a year ago on a great sale.  It’s been sitting in the closet over the summer, but I’m excited at the chance to wear it again.  The feel is great and it definitely does its job.

  15. I’m with you on this one. I’ve got some nice sweaters but i dont dress up to run errands and simple things. A nice hoodie with jeans is NOT a bad thing

  16. I don’t think the shawl collar looks feminine. In fact, a cardigan without any collar is what looks feminine.

  17.  That 25% off code is making a few shirts I’ve been eyeing very tempting.

    However, I’ve gotten one poplin from them before, and while the style and quality seemed pretty good, the fit just wasn’t quite right for me, especially the length. (Unfortunately, tailoring is not an option at the moment.) I’m a size s, so I can’t size down. Is it safe to assume that all their shirts have pretty much the same fit?

  18. Steve McQueen could do what he wanted, he had enough machismo that the clothes became masculine on him.

  19. I think you just said that you like Joe, but not on you.  Yet.  🙂

    For some reason, this is incredibly amusing to me.

  20. This article has great timing.  I’ve been looking for a lower priced cardigan with a shawl collar.  I had my eye on a J. Crew piece but I like the style of this even more.  Even better is the price!  I didn’t see this one the last time I walked through Old Navy last week.  After reading the article I took a chance and went to the local store and there it was…thanks Joe!

  21. Hah, I came home celebrating my new thrift store blazer, (100% cashmere, medium gray color, $8, fits like a glove, i was pumped) and read your post.

  22. I still think there is a place in my wardrobe for the occasional hoody (assuming it fits well).

    Something like this, for instance, works for me: 

    Gap, Old Navy, Kohl’s etc. carry nice looking, simple hoodies that I can get behind.

    I also like the “hoody blazer” look that Style blogger posted. To me it’s a great semi-casual look (“semi” in the sense you still put some thought and time into it). Certain brands (like American Rag at Macy’s) are selling the two already sewn together. I’m very tempted to buy one for the winter, though I will admit they are an acquired taste.

    But, alas, balance is important. I’m not an “everyday hoody guy”. They have a time and place, just like anything else.

  23. I have one that I wore a few years ago over the winter. It’s one of those pieces of clothing that people either love or hate on you. It actually prompted an argument between 2 of my friends. If it’s done right, it looks good. If it’s done wrong, it looks like someone turned a robe into a sweater.

  24. Yeah that guy needs to be reading about style, not writing about it! Case in point:

  25. I tried that Mossimo crew neck sweatshirt on at Target the other day. The fabric is beautiful, it’s cozy and has a nice texture to it. The fit was a bit off though, it was bulky around the middle and tight at the arms and neck, from what I can remember.

    Not sure if it would be better to size up or size down. I’m sure a tailor could make it fit better. Maybe even shrinking it briefly in the dryer would work. Anybody else try this sweatshirt on?

  26. I love my hoodies, but over the last 5 years or so they have transitioned from my day to day wardrobe to mostly “lounging around the house” wear. The other day i decided to let one see the outside world and a  co-worker asked me if i was 18…im 23, she said i dressed too young. It was an overnight shift at an Express, i dont know what she was expecting me to wear.

  27. Hmm, I’m into urban fashion (more towards hip hop) and hoodies can work if it fits well. Key thing: It’s all about fit. I’m going at the other end of the spectrum that is use to, but bear with me.  If the sleeves and stomach don’t make you look like your hiding extra fat then it’s a possibility. I live in Chicago and boy do we love our sports team. Sports hoodies (as well as our state universities) galore. Some people live up to the stereotype that the Midwest really sucks as fashion while others break it. You’d be surprised.

  28. The entry for “weekend chic” needs to be edited to say “weekend chick”. What are those freaking sandals doing on a man!

  29. Word. I’mma leave all my suits to the kids I’ll eventually have and get buried in, like…animal pelts or something!

  30. My rule is that crew neck is always out, v-neck is in or out depending on perference, shirt, how casual the place you’re going is, etc. Crew necks are preeetty casual, so no one expects your collar to be in. And on some shirts, it even looks pretty weird. A casual button-down with a small collar? In. Something with a collar even as big as like, an Express 1MX? Looks super weird if you tuck it in to a crew neck sweater.

  31. The L.E.C. Cable Sweater is now only $39.99.  Use the code SPRINGSHIP and pin 6212 to get that bad boy shipped for $31.79.

  32. Good advice. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the hoodie itself. However my problem is with defaulting to jeans, a tee, and a hoodie every day of the week or every day off. It becomes habit to just throw something on and not put thought into what you are wearing. When I pick days to wear a tee-shirt and a hoodie I make a conscious decision to make that my outfit. It is just too easy to get into the rut of throwing on a hoodie every day and looking lazy.

  33. This post and most of the comments ignore the fact that many brands make non-baggy, non-college-branded hoodies that look great and are versatile. A close fitting hoodie is something you can wear at home, on your way to the gym, with some jeans on a casual day out – to say nothing of the riskier dress-up options. Also, a hoodie is practical in ways that the items listed here are not. If it rains, you can pop the hood up; if it’s cold, the kangaroo pocket is ideal. 

    I get that many men wear horribly-fitting hoodies that belong in college AM-slot classrooms, but let’s not bash the entire species, which surely has a few useful members. 


    Soft, fit is great, no brands or designs. I think every man should own one of these. A few colors on sale for $25. 

  34. I have that LEC sweater and I love it as if it were my child

    throw it on with my bean boots and a watch cap and the streets of Chicago turn into the forests of Maine