The Shoes: Stacy Adams Suede Lace Up – $75.00 (free overnight shipping too)
And skip the socks.

It’s too bad the Mike Konos suede cap toes are completely out of stock, because those are the perfect play here.  These are a reasonable substitute (dark brown suede upper, slightly contrasting sole).  They’re sleek, they’re much more dressed up than a driving moc, and at $75 with free overnight shipping (and returns) they’re low risk.


The Watch: TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar – $229.99 (reg. $495.00)
Just enough flash.

Ignore the white band when you click through to Amazon.  That’s a $20 fix at any mall watch kisok.  Now an extra 20% off once you put it in your cart.  (Also worthwhile:  The Timex T-Series Perpetual with a brown band)


The Card Case:  Saddleback Leather Small Card Case – $29.00

As tough as it is handsome.  Like all Saddleback products, it’s made from top shelf leather and comes with a 100 year warranty.  No plastic on the ID window on the flip side either.


The Money Clip:  Coach Leather Inlay Clip – $48.00
Slightly frou frou. But, whatever.

As city as the Saddleback is country.  Nice to have that kind of balance in your pockets.  Plus, since it’s summer, the leather inlay will cut the risk of blinding someone with the shine.

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  1. That would be an awesome setup for the summer.  Classy, yet comfortable, without being to sophisticated and busy..

  2. I’d add a pocket square to balance out the top. Plus, if it gets too hot your cotton pocket square can be an emergency sweat rag!

  3. Pants?  Jeans, chinos, color, cuffed?
    Lots of good accessories, but not really a balanced ‘what to wear’ without the right pant.

  4. Seeing those Wurkin Stiffs reminds me of a question I’ve been meaning to ask for some time.  How come I never see Nordstrom Rack mentioned on your pages?  I picked up a couple of sets of the Stiffs a month ago for $14.99 ea, and a set of 20 pairs of silk knot cufflinks for $4.99.

    And you can’t beat the place for shoes.  I’ve bought Bruno Maglis in perfect condition for $150 a couple of times.  In fact I’d say it should be the first place people should go if they want shoes. 

    If there’s one in your area of course…

  5. They get mentioned and linked to from time to time.  Not everyone has a Nordstrom Rack (or Nordstrom for that matter) in their area.  We try and keep it online based, mostly, that way everyone has access to it.

  6. dont get me wrong the express shirts are nice but even though the torso is nice and tapered it has huge baggy pirate sleeves on it so it still needs to be tailored anyway. I got two shirts from indochino and they fit perfectly, very trim but loose enough so you dont look like your wearing spandex.

  7. I think, like anything, it depends on the size of your arms.  If you’re naturally thin, then any shirt is going to be baggy through the sleeves.  But the Express 1MX (which I’m not a huge fan of in this situation, the Nordstrom is far superior) fits much closer for many of us.

  8. Ah man love it. Im really considering that LL Bean suit but i just have a really hard time buying pants that aren’t somehow straight or slim in someway. I think they would be to billowy for me.

  9. I’d love to see a real “Hot Weather” scenario—how to be dappered when it’s 90+ outside (such as NY’s recent heatwave).

    Hard to layer up and tuck in a shirt when it’s 98 outside. Maybe shorts, loafers, linen button down?

  10. two choices:
    1) Swimsuit, no shirt, no shoes.
    2) Shorts, boat shoes, rolled-up sleeves with (no more than) 2 buttons undone.

    Both outfits pair nicely with cold beer.

  11. LL Bean Signature and Lands End Canvas tend to have slimmer cuts than typical Lands End/LL Bean stuff. That said, it may still be too big for your liking. 

     If its any help, LL Bean Signature shirts are in the fitted (not slim) category, with good proportionality (not just a narrowed waist) throughout.

  12. You could get them slimmed down by a tailor, but… I don’t think you’ll like them off the rack.  They are a little generous through the seat.  The one drawback for me.  But, since it’s a breezy summer cotton suit, it actually helps a little I think.  I’ve comfortably worn it above 90 degrees more than a few times (with all due respect to Wilson’s comment a few below this one.)

  13. Indeed.  Maybe not so good for a dressed up dinner date.  Which, you’ll probably be heading into an air conditioned place, or eating late enough that the sun has gone down.  It hasn’t been humid when I’ve worn it, but I’ve worn the LL Bean Signature when it was above 90 degrees more than a few times this year.  Did I go sit in the sun for 15 minutes?  Nah.  But it wasn’t bad at all.

  14. I am assuming the Saddleback leather case pictured here is the dark coffee brown colored one. The pictures on the saddleback website are a lot darker but I am liking the look of them here.