JCF new fall arrivals, Shoebank Scouting, & More – The Thurs. Handful

Plus, last chance for a summer suit (or two)...

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Expect these things when necessary. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


J. Crew Factory: 30% off New Arrivals

JCF New Arrivals - part of The Thursday Handful on Dappered.com

No code here. Prices are as marked. Just in, and the prices seem to be a bit high as of right now. Probably going to be worth sitting tight for further codes & deals. That said, their merino v-necks in their actually slimmer-than-other-brands fit (they also offer a standard fit) are probably the best bang for the buck sweater out there. The Merino is decent quality, a nice mid weight, and the closer sides thanks to the slim fit are a huge benefit. Wool/nylon blend on the tweed stuff this year, and while slightly tempting, that brown tweed suit is a little steep right now for something so seasonal.


Bonobos: Extra 30% off FINAL Sale Items w/ META30

Bonobos 30% Off - part of The Thursday Handful on Dappered.com

Yes indeed. It’s final sale time, so no returns or exchanges on this stuff. It does look like they injected a new batch of stuff into their sale section though. Just tread carefully. Lots of summery stuff, but that’s expected around this time of year when it comes to clearance. That “light grey” Foundation linen/cotton suit seems like a steal at $175… but boy, final sale. And be VERY careful with those Grensons. Read the sizing notes. Those are a huge risk.


Indochino: Summer Sale Event

Indochino Summer Sale Event - part of The Thursday Handful on Dappered.com

The Pick: Gray Wool/Cotton Blend Summer Stripe Suit – $359 ($429)

Yes, Indochino is divisive… but it seems like every time that point is brought up, someone defends them in the comments. Maybe Indochino is turning it around in the eyes of many style-conscious fellas on the web? Anyway, their summer sale isn’t spectacular, but this grey stripe suit has huge potential. 79% wool, 20% cotton, 1% lycra. That’s a heck of a nice sounding blend, and not your normal summer fabric (even though wool breathes plenty fine). They’re using a true half canvas now, and the $75 re-tailoring credit (if needed) sure is nice. Just remember, you’re on the hook for returns.

UPDATE  Some news here: turns out Indochino has changed their return policy. Shipping is now free both ways: “Return shipping is free for customers in the United States and Canada. Customers outside North America are responsible for return shipping charges.” But remember, the return window is 21 days from ship date. From here.


Amazon: 20% Off Select Clothing/Shoes/Watches $100+ w/ STYL2014

Amazon 20% Off Select Sale - part of The Thursday Handful on Dappered.com

Very similar to this sale from back in July… only not quite as good of a selection. Especially when it comes to the shoes part. That price on the Movado obviously jumps out as the pricey sore thumb of the bunch, but the simplicity, circular contrast date window, and Rolexy look (without the full crown price) might appeal to some. Watch yourself on that code… there’s no “E” in “STYL2014


J. Crew: 25% off Select “Summer-to-fall” styles w/ NOWANDLATER

J. Crew Now & Later Sale - part of The Thursday Handful on Dappered.com

The Picks: Club Blazer in Charcoal or Navy – $318.75 ($425), Slim “Sedona” Sweater in Wool/Linen Blend – $59.62 ($79.50)

One of their odd select-items sales. Not a lot to pick from. Some guys love the brass button/patch pockets everywhere look of the J. Crew Club blazer. Some don’t. For those that do, a 25% off discount isn’t mind blowing, but it’s something if you’re shopping for a classic but still tailored blazer for the fall. Also available in navy. Meanwhile, that sweater has potential. $60 is a lot, but the Polyamide/wool/linen/alpaca blend seems interesting, and the slimmer cut is a huge plus. Real casual, but, they’re going for a transition-look, so it works.


BONUS: Something to keep an eye on… AE Shoebank inventory

AE Shoebank Inventory - part of The Thursday Handful on Dappered.com

The Allen Edmonds Factory 2nds Shoebank inventory is looking quite solid right now. Lots of Daltons, Strands, Park Aves, Mora 2.0s, and other wheelhouse styles in just about every color imaginable (sometimes, even in a few shades of cordovan). They’re currently at the regular Factory 2nds price, so not that huge of a steal. But when their next Factory Outlet/2nds sale event pops up? Might be time to pop in.


BONUS II  Banana Republic F&F (cardmembers) 40% – 50% off

BR fandF august 2014

Check your inboxes. BR’s F&F this time around appears to be for their cardholders, and it’s good for half off up to 5 items in store, or 40% off with few exclusions online. “BR Picks” ARE one of the exclusions, so that’s kind of a bummer. You’ll need your one time use code/customer specific bar code for this one.


Also worth a mention