In Review: Gilt’s Wall + Water Shoe Brand

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Wall  + Water Suede Single Monk Strap: $119.00

Note: The Wall + Water brand does offer more than just shoes. Also, these were priced at $109 over the weekend, and have oddly enough jumped now to $119.

Gilt’s return policy stinks. At first glance, it looks like you can return any kind of “sized” item (clothes, shoes, etc…) for original form of payment, less a $7.95 return shipping charge. But if you read further, you come across this (emphasis, ours):

Returnable items that are priced at $199.99 and under are eligible for a refund in the form of Gilt Credits. For returnable items that are priced at $200 and above… Receive Gilt Credit with no additional return charges. Receive a refund back to the original form of payment minus $7.95 return shipping.

If it’s under $199.99, you can’t get your money back. Returns at that price are for store credit ONLY.

So even though GILT recently introduced their very own house brand, Wall + Water, full of pretty darn good looking shoes (& other stuff) at oddly reasonable prices (conveniently under the $199 threshold), what kind of moron is going to dive in and risk that kind of money?

I mean, really, what sort of mouth-breathing dipsh*t is gonna put up triple digits of currency that might be only returnable for store credit on a flash sale website?

Im the dipshit mouthbreather

The fit on this pair of Wall + Water 10.5 D suede single monks seems true. Maybe a touch on the large side, but cinching down the one buckle to it’s tightest setting should do the trick for most. Width seems to be pretty true as well. Neither too trim or too bulky through the widest part of the foot.

And man are they something to look at.

A review of Wall + Water Monks by
Much better materials & construction than the price would indicate.

Pics on GILT’s site don’t do these things justice. The suede is thick & rich. The shape of the toe is a perfect almond shape with no hint of chisel. While still round at the tip, they boomerang a bit sharper than, say, an Allen Edmonds Park Ave. But they aren’t crazy elongated like a lot of Magnannis. Then there’s the subtle medallion on the toe. That’s not real common, and a nice detail. The buckle is silver, and while the shine could have been knocked down with a matte finish, it’s not a drawback. Construction appears to be that of the Blake Stitch variety.

Wall + Water Monks reviewed by

Blake stitched, which aren’t as water resistant as a Goodyear welt. 

To say these are a pleasant surprise would be a massive understatement. GILT doesn’t say much about the quality of their Wall + Water shoes, other than that they’re made in Italy. They coulda shown up and been something along the lines of DSW’s (well liked) cemented-sole Mercanti Fiorentini line. But these are a noticeable step up, both in construction, and the quality of materials  used.

Now, is it safe to assume that this pair is a bellwether for the rest of the Wall + Water line?

No. Nothing is “safe” when you can return a purchase for store credit only.

Bottom line is this: High risk, potential high reward.

Wall + Water Monks - reviewed by